Top Reasons to Love the Seychelles

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I really loved the Seychelles – the peace and beauty of the island was breath-taking, and the food was amazing! I’ve put together some of the main attractions of the island, whether you’re travelling around the world or just looking for somewhere to go on holiday.

Island-hopping. The Seychelles is made up of around 115 islands, only a few of which are populated. Head out to the Praslin islands or the Inner Corralines, or talk your way onto a private yacht for a tour of the uninhabited Outer Seychelles.

One of the smallest capital cities in the world, Port Victoria on Mahe is the Seychelles’ main port, and a fantastic source of local produce. The markets are excellent for fresh food first thing in the morning, while the city’s Natural History Museum is ideal for a rainy afternoon.

The scenery. With wide, sandy shores and deep blue waters, you could easily spend your entire time in the Seychelles exploring the vast and varied coastline. If you’re staying on Mahe island, head down to the Baie Lazare district, which has some gorgeous sandy coves and is home to the very plush Kempinski resort. Thankfully, motorised watersports are only allowed on one part of the island, so the rest of the coastline is free of the persistent buzzing so many beaches suffer from! If you do want to get out on the water, look into scuba diving; the marine life is beautiful to see first-hand.

Further inland, the Seychelles boasts a huge number of footpaths and cycling routes, where you can see the beautiful flora and fauna of the island. The Cousin Island Special Reserve, a sanctuary for birds and marine life, is the perfect treat for animal lovers.

The culture. The Seychelles only declared independence from Britain in 1976, and the clash of cultures is still evident in the country’s major historical attractions. Visit the National Cultural Centre, where the staff will be all too happy to tell you about the island’s rich past. There’s a vibrant art scene across the islands for those willing to look for it. At the markets you’ll find sculptors, painters and jewellery-makers working with a range of materials, and writers and poets archiving stories of island life.

Creole cuisine is the most popular across the island, and as far as authentic curries and fish dishes go you won’t find anywhere better. Look out for Red Snapper on the menu, or try some deep-sea fishing yourself if you’d rather cook your meal on the beach.

The atmosphere. It’s impossible to stay in the Seychelles for more than a day without feeling yourself start to relax. The laid-back Creole way of life coupled with the stunning surroundings makes it the most chilled-out place to be in the sunshine. The island’s popularity as a holiday destination means there’s no shortage of mainstream bars and clubs to go to at night, but for something more authentic – and more fun! – head down to the beach with a couple bottles of beer and shoot the breeze with the rest of the locals. A starlit night on the warm sand with good company is the perfect way to top off a day in island paradise!

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  1. Seychelles are my dream!

  2. Amazing pictures!

  3. Awsome! Is that a real bird on your plate?

    • haha yes it is…it seems like a lot of effort to transport a fake bird to put on my plate at lunch just so I can take a picture of it!

  4. The last two photos of that island made me remember a beach in Tayrona National Park (in Santa Marta, Colombia). They look exactly the same! Thanks for sharing Lee

  5. Santa Marta is on my list next time I am in Colombia, one of my favorite countries!

  6. As a native I have to say I am slightly biased, but the Seychelles definitely offer the best beaches in the world ;)

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