Mixing Hotels, Magazines and Comedy Equals a Great Night!

Do you like to laugh? Do you like nice hotels? Do you like edgy magazines? If you answered yes to those three questions then you’ll probably appreciate this article.

Marriott Hotels & Resorts and WIRED have teamed up with a strategic partnership for the new WIRED Insider Culturazzi Series hosted by Marriott Hotels & Resorts. The partnership brings interesting and exciting content, including a hilarious evening on the rooftop of the Marriott Marina del Rey with emerging and established comedians presented by popular comedy video website Funny or Die.

Marriott asked me to attend and write about the event. I love comedy and live near the best comedy clubs in New York. When I found out I’d get to go to LA, go backstage and actually interview some of the comedians and get to know them, I jumped at the opportunity.

Backstage in the green room I got a chance to privately interview two of the comedians. First up was Kristen Schaal who currently plays the role of Hazel on 30 Rock. I had never actually seen 30 Rock but I knew it was a really popular show so I was excited to meet Kristen. She was super cool.

I had never done an interview with anyone before where I was the one asking the questions so I had no idea what to do. However, I think that made the interview better because it was more of a chat. We chatted about her career and where she’s traveled. I gave her some stellar advice on where to go in New Zealand on a trip she has coming up including where to bungee jump! She said she’d never do it but I am pretty sure that I had her sold by the end of the chat as she wrote it down!

Next up was a private chat with Maria Bamford who has appeared numerous times on Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel and has a great voice. She was a real interesting person to talk to. I didn’t even really ask her any questions; she just started asking me questions after I gave her my business card. That made my life easier and also relaxed her and we got to chatting about TV and being on camera.

She also gave me some funny insights on what it’s like to hang out with a bunch of other comedians in a room. You can imagine that’s a weird dynamic. Like who takes the lead funny role, do they try and one up-out funny each other, do they talk about anything normal and serious, etc?

After those two private interviews it was time for the event to start and I headed upstairs to my front row seat to watch the show and about 7 different comedians do their thing. While everyone was really good, especially Kristen and Maria, I have to give my nod to TJ Miller as my favorite of the night.

TJ is a guy with a lot of TV, stand up and movie experience and is frequently on Conan O’Brien. The reason I liked him the most is because he is my favorite type of comedian, one who messes with people in the audience. Ya you guessed it, he messed with me big time and repeatedly!

I love that stuff and often try to sit up front because I love when they mess with you and I love to fire back in small comedy clubs. This was a much bigger room and audience and he relentlessly came after me about me having two buttons undone on my button down shirt! (Honestly, it wasn’t bad, but comedians will get on one thing and not stop about it.)

It was hilarious and normally I would fire back but TJ was on stage, on a roll and actually had some body spray he drained onto his face whilst he was messing with me and other audience members so what can you say to a guy like that. Nothing, you just laugh! It was hilarious!

After the event the comedians and everyone went down to the Glow Lounge at the Marriott Marina del Rey and enjoyed the free drinks and great company. They had some Funny or Die cameramen going around doing interviews with the people who had attended the event. I did one and would love to see what I said! That said, it was a great time and I am really excited to attend the next Culturazzi event!

Disclaimer: I was compensated by Marriott for attending the event in this article. However, the views expressed are completely my own.


  1. Kristen Schaal is one of my favorites, very cool you got to meet her. What was she really like? Strange?

  2. TJ Miller is awesome, I’ve seen his stand up before, funny dude!

  3. Sounds like a fun event Lee. I never get invited to stuff like that!

  4. Hey Lee, good stuff as always. Are you going to be back in LA anytime soon?

  5. Funny or Die is hilarious! That must’ve been great!

  6. I love when comedians mess with the audience. The only problem is you can’t win, no matter what you say, because they have the microphone!

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