Top 3 Hotels in Las Vegas

If you’ve followed me on Facebook or Twitter for the last year or two then you know how much I love Vegas and how often I am there. I have never written about Vegas because I am always there with my friends and I like to keep my personal life private. Besides, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

I don’t love Vegas for all the usual reasons as I have been there over 100 times so I don’t do the whole go insane Vegas weekend thing anymore. I’m over that. I have friends that live there who I visit and Vegas also has the best restaurants in America. It also has some pretty awesome places to stay-you may have heard that Las Vegas hotels are pretty cool. Here is my top three!

1. Artisan Hotel

Located off the strip and without gaming, the Artisan is the hotel of choice for locals and the after hours bar of industry types. It’s also a super cool place to stay. The Artisan is virtually unknown outside of Vegas but for me, it is the coolest place to stay in Sin City. You can have a wild time if you want at the bar and pool or you can chill out in their spacious rooms and take in the awesome décor.

Not to mention the prices are perfect. I have never paid more than $90 to stay in the Artisan. If you don’t have your own wheels then you’ll need to take taxis everywhere from the Artisan but it’s not really any different than from any other Vegas hotel. Give it a shot next you’re in Vegas.

2. Bellagio

The picture of perfection from both outside and inside. Bellagio sets the standards for Vegas hotels. The rooms are spacious and comfortable and the bathrooms are cavernous. The restaurants and bars throughout the hotel are excellent and it has the best poker room and one of the top sportsbooks in Vegas.

Bellagio also boasts the lobby ceiling lighting structures that have gained accolades throughout the world. While it’s not really my cup of tea, I do still admire the beauty. Bellagio also has one of the best spas in Las Vegas and in my opinion the best new nightclub in Vegas-Hyde Lounge. Trust me, check it out!

3. Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan is part of the awesome new complex called City Center in Las Vegas. The $12 Billion monstrosity has 4 different hotels in it plus a massive mall and other attractions including some of the best restaurants in Vegas. But for me, the top spot in City Center is the Cosmopolitan.

It has a bit of a cult following with a cool casino and awesome bars like the chandelier bar. Not to mention, one of Vegas’s top nightclubs and dayclubs in Marquee. It may be a pain to get it but once you’re in, it’s a pretty cool place to hang out. Tons of energy and a celebrity hotspot. I won’t namedrop but I’ve seen and met a ton of celebrities at Marquee. If you like nightlife and a cool new-ish type hotel, you can’t go wrong with the Cosmopolitan.


  1. I’ve been to Vegas 5-6 times and I’ve never even heard of the Artisan Hotel. I just googled it and it looks cool-will have to check it out next time but no casino???

  2. Cosmopolitan is great I agree. I have never stayed in Bellagio and never heard of Artisan. I stay in Venetian and Mandalay a lot these days which are both good. I’m a little older so Cosmopolitan is a bit much for me nowadays plus I’m usually in Vegas for work.

  3. Hi Lee, I love reading your website for your adventures and tips. I’ve never been to Las Vegas, I don’t think it’s my thing, but my son is going next month. I have forwarded him your tips here. Cheers.

  4. I’m a Vegas lover myself, but I don’t go for the bars, clubs, shopping, or restaurants. I go for the gambling, blackjack specifically. After 30+ times going, I still haven’t learned to keep my money in my pocket. I do like the Bellagio and the Cosmopolitan has a cool bar. I’ve not heard of the Artisan, probably because they don’t have tables. Wouldn’t make any sense for me.

  5. I always liked the Venetian or the Hard Rock

    • I like Venetian as well, used to stay there quite a bit…Hard Rock is a bit trashy for me even with the new wing, it’s still the Hard Rock! Good place to watch shows though at the Joint!

  6. Hey Lee, I’m a Mandalay guy. Never heard of the Artisan.

  7. I like City Center too but I prefer Aria-Cosmo is too crowded

  8. I’ve only been to Vegas once and stayed at the Palms a few years ago-I loved it there

    • Palms used to be tops for me, sadly about 10 years ago, they have gone downhill in my view but 9 steakhouse is still possibly my favorite restaurant in all of Vegas

  9. I have never heard of the Artisan and I used to sell Vegas (but we sold mainly hotels on the strip). Cool – love learning about new finds!

    • Check it out next time…theres only like 60 rooms or so…like I said, just mainly a local place…very cool though with a GREAT bar

  10. Haven’t heard of Artisan, Lee. Usually stay at Caesars or Aria.
    Will try to check and read about it.

  11. Sadly enough, I always go for the best beat deal which seems to be the Hard Rock. I have stayed at the Wynn and loved it right up till me bill came lol Palms was fun but lacked something. Mandalay Bay is great for the pool, but there will be lots of kids! MGM was nice good but just a little typical. I just got 5 days at HR for $300 including the weekend. You can’t beat that. I’m also thinking about getting a second place here, it’s not a bad option when rent is so cheap.

  12. Thank you for the information on The Artisan! Safe travels.

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