Sky Combat Ace is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Done

Sky Combat Ace is simply the best thing I’ve ever done-truth. I have done all kinds of crazy adventures all over the world from Bungee jumping to base-jumping to sky diving to shark diving. However, nothing has been as thrilling as flying with Sky Combat Ace. The adrenaline rush is so intense and goes on for some 30-40 minutes. You experience feelings you’ve never felt in your life and you even get to fly the plane! (Just typing this story right now is getting me really pumped up and making me want to do it again!)
Sky Combat Ace, Vegas, Las Vegas, Adventure
Before you fly there is a flight simulator so you get a feel for what it’s like to fly the plane and to experience the maneuvers. There is also a 30-minute safety briefing conducted by your pilot to teach you how to handle all situations before you get into the plane.
Sky Combat Ace, Vegas, Las Vegas, Adventure
My pilot, who is also the President and Founder of Sky Combat Ace, Richard “Tex” Coe, is a true professional. He is an experienced Air Force fighter pilot with hundreds of hours of combat time all over the world. He is also a really good guy and I like him even more knowing he got his MBA from the University of Maryland-where I went to school!
Sky Combat Ace, Vegas, Las Vegas, Adventure
Flying in a Extra 330LC; which is essentially a lighter version of an F-16 fighter jet, you literally experience what it’s like to own the air. You have never felt closer to God-I promise you that! The plane is a two-seater. You sit in the front and the pilot sits in the back. The aerobatics and maneuvers that the pilot performs are like nothing you’ll ever know.
Sky Combat Ace, Vegas, Las Vegas, Adventure
You experience loops, rolls, stalls, hammerheads, spins, snaps and tumbling. You live dynamic low-level mountain flying. Your heart races, your throat closes up and your eyeballs can roll back in your head. It is truly awesome.

Aside from the aforementioned tactics I experienced and also a dogfight simulation that was really intense, we caught 9 G’s. While that may be tough to quantify not knowing what a G feels like-take my world for it, 9 G’s is enough to make most people pass out and feel things you’ve never felt before. (I have an awesome video of this but I wasn’t able to cut it down from 30 minutes in time or this story but I will post it soon)
Sky Combat Ace, Vegas, Las Vegas, Adventure
When we did the 9 G maneuver I thought my chest had caved in. I literally couldn’t breathe and my chest felt like a building was on it. My eyes greyed out. I couldn’t see and I was probably an instant away from actually passing out. My body wasn’t my own. I had no control, I had no clue what was happening to my body and I FUCKING loved it!
Sky Combat Ace, Vegas, Las Vegas, Adventure
That feeling of sheer terror and utter confusion is what adrenaline is all about! The cool thing about my flight with Sky Combat Ace is that it was a series of progressive adrenaline rushes. They just kept getting more and more intense because I could handle them and wanted more!
Sky Combat Ace, Vegas, Las Vegas, Adventure
Obviously you have the option to not do as much aerobatics and just cruise around the sky and check out the gorgeous mountains south of Las Vegas. But to me that seems like a waste of time and money. Do all the tricks. Push your body to the edge and feel something you’re not supposed to feel. When you’re done, you’ll have lasting memories and I promise you this-you’ll feel like you just got out of a 15 round championship fight!
Sky Combat Ace, Vegas, Las Vegas, Adventure
I cannot possibly recommend anything higher than Sky Combat Ace. It is a truly remarkable experience with a 100% safety record. All the employees are really professional and it is just what you want it to be. A unique experience that is truly awesome and truly Las Vegas!

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  1. This looks seriously intense!

  2. Lee this looks ridiculous. I would never do this but you are nuts so I guess it makes sense, LOL

  3. Do people throw up doing this? They must, I know I would! Looks like fun though.

  4. I have to do this!

  5. I didn’t know you could do stuff like this. I’ve been watching some of their stuff on YouTube and it looks amazing!

  6. I am sure you get this all the time but can I have your life?!

  7. Lee I’ve never even heard of such a thing. I am in Vegas quite a bit and will definitely give this a shot. How much is it to do this?

  8. Wow is all I have to say. I could never do that.

  9. I am pretty sure I would throw up before I got in the plane!

  10. Your writeup does a great job describing the experience. I went in March of last year and had a GREAT time. I can’t wait to do it again!

  11. Wow! Looks like a real life video game! Must have been tons of fun!

  12. Insane! As a fellow adrenaline junkie, your writeup just convinced me to try this Lee. Do you have any video?

  13. 9?! That’s it — I am going again and again until I get up to 9. Just kidding — so great you liked it this much. I also thought it was the coolest thing I had ever done. And possibly will do. Ever.

  14. i dream to do all this….. dont know its will done or not 🙂 but wish for me

  15. Lee, did you do a particular package? I’m going to Vegas in June and considering the Afterburner Flight.

  16. Mike Scriber says

    This was the best extreme experience I have experienced. I highly recommend the Top Gun Experience. I can’t wait to show family and friends my video.

  17. I would love to give this a try, but on the second thought I think its too intense for me. Hmmm, but maybe ill add it on my bucket-list for once in a lifetime experience. Thanks for sharing this and hopefully I could gather up all the courage i need to give it a try.

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