Staying in Casco Viejo, Panama

Panama is one of those countries that you don’t normally think to go to but every time you do you’re thrilled you went. I just went for my 4th time and had a really great experience staying in Casco Viejo-the old city. Modern Panama City is like a mix of Miami and Dubai in terms […]

In Search of Captain Morgan

As a travel writer with a popular travel blog and some other national outlets, I get a lot of offers and calls to go on press trips. I very rarely accept them. I don’t like being on someone else’s schedule and I don’t like feeling obligated to do something in return for a free trip […]

3 Best Things to do in Panama City

East meets west in Panama City, literally. The city is the crossroads of the world and a true hub of International trade. The Panama Canal has brought great riches to Panama City. It is by far the most vibrant and wealthiest city in all of Central America. Massive glass tower skyscrapers adorn the 20 miles […]

3 Best Places to See Around Panama City

Panama City is the most cosmopolitan city in Central America. It is the major air hub of the region and has the best nightlife, restaurants, etc. However, no trip to Panama is complete without checking out other areas of the country. There are several day trips you can take to great and interesting places right […]

Traveling Through Central America

Central America is a great place to travel through. There is a ton to see and do in the seven countries that are in limbo as to which continent they belong to. If you want to visit all seven countries, you need to do some serious planning. You need to know what areas of the […]