How to Spend 24 Hours on Reunion Island Without a Car

After my duties in Mauritius with SPG Amex were finished I decided to stick around the Indian Ocean and do a few more things for myself. Since the flight down here takes forever it seemed like the only smart option. I am excited to go to Nosy Be, Madagascar but I first booked my flights […]

Mauritius with the New SPG Amex Card

If you’ve been following me for a while then you probably know that I use the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express (SPG Amex) for pretty much all of my purchases. I truly believe it is the best travel rewards card out there and for me-I love my Starpoints. I have also been […]

Christmas Island and Cocos Island

Where do I begin about Christmas Island (CI)? What a place! It is one of those destinations that you’ve heard a lot about (if you’ve heard of it at all) and you’ve always wanted to see but it’s so far away and such a pain to get there, you just kind of wrote it off. […]

Where is this Exotic Beach?

In honor of my friend Baumer, who specially requested it, I am bringing back the “Where am I” pictures of the day. Please comment your guess where you think this is and I will put the answer up later in the day. It is Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue Island in the Seychelles…quite possibly […]

Mauritius is Just an Island

I really wanted to love Mauritius. You think of it as so exotic and want to be in awe. I had heard mixed, mostly indifferent or negative, things about it coming in but I came in with an open and excited attitude about the island nation. I had heard that it was just a big […]

Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues Island is without a doubt one of the most unknown places on Earth. It is located about 500km northeast of Mauritius and basically functions as an independent country to Mauritius. The island itself is pretty small but it is also a very beautiful and a fun place to be. While it is a major […]

It’s a Good Life on Reunion Island

Reunion Island is simply a little paradise in the middle of nowhere. It is not the idyllic beach tropical island that many of its neighbors are but it is a like a mini Hawaii. It has good beaches but the true draw is its awesome natural landscape along with adventure and eco-sports. Throw in the […]

Comoros and Mayotte

Haphazardly scattered across the Indian Ocean, the Comoros Islands are a very mysterious and isolated place. The devoutly Muslim island lacks much of the infrastructure that has made some of its neighbor’s mega-tourist, high-end destinations. The Comore people come from a stock of Arab traders, Persian Sultans, African slaves and Portuguese pirates. The four main […]

The Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshadweep, from Hindi meaning “100 islands” is actually a string of 36 palm covered islands, of which 10 are inhabited, 200 miles off the coast of Kerala in Southern India. Its inhabitants are mainly Sunni Muslim fisherman wherein fishing and coir production are the islands’ main sources of income. Life on the islands is very […]

Where to go on a Honeymoon

I am at the age where a lot of people I know are starting to get married. I was at a really nice wedding on Saturday night where the couple was to leave for South Africa for Safari, Capetown and the vineyards around Capetown and ending up in Mauritius for a few days relaxing in […]