Why Africa is my Favorite Continent: Part 1 North Africa

Africa is so big that I have decided to do a series of short summaries and photographs on the different regions of Africa over a few weeks. The first in the series is North Africa. Africa. The Dark Continent. Often times, mistaken for a single country, including former Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. Africa is […]

Much Ado About Algeria

Algeria is one of those places that you really don’t know much about. It kind of has a mystery to it. You know it’s one of those big North African countries but you never hear much about it and certainly if you hear anything at all; it’s probably negative. Algeria was the last stop on […]

My Algerian Embassy Saga

For those of you who like reprehensible stories of frustration and woe, where some people treat others with absolutely no consideration and are completely unreasonable, then you will love this story. For those of you like me, this will make your blood boil, but either way it’s pretty entertaining and one that I am dumfoundedly […]