5 Awesome Things to do in Muscat, Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is a fantastic country to visit. My third trip to Oman has been absolutely wonderful. Aside from doing a 4×4 safari to Jebel Harim in the Musandam Peninsula, I revisited Muscat. It’s a city I wasn’t very fond of the first time I was there. I basically did a complete 180; […]

4×4 Safari to Jebel Harim in the Musandam Peninsula of Oman

Today I visited the Musandam Peninsula in Oman for the third time. I’m onboard the the Azamara Journey, which became the first cruise ship to dock in Khasab, the capital of the Musandam Peninsula. The prior two times I had driven up from Dubai when I was visiting all of the Emirates. This was the […]

The Sultanate of Oman

The Sultanate of Oman…that just sounds cool doesn’t it? If I was to be any type of world leader I would definitely be a Sultan. It sounds way more powerful than Prime Minister, President, Chancellor or even King. Another reason why Babe Ruth’s nickname “The Sultan of Swat” is still the coolest nickname ever. Anyway, […]