Falkland Islands Radio Segment

One of the coolest things about my trip to the Falkland Islands is how much positive feedback I have gotten since I left the islands. I had the best week of my life on my Facebook fan page with all the great penguin pictures and I’ve had at least 100 people tell me I’ve put […]

Sea Lion Island, Falkland Islands

Sea Lion Island is the crown jewel of the Falkland Islands. I really liked Carcass Island and Bleaker Island but Sea Lion Island truly stood out to me. There is so much to see and do on Sea Lion Island that words cannot describe how cool a place it is to actually be there and […]

Bleaker Island, Falkland Islands

One day on Bleaker Island is the perfect amount of time to explore the island. Bleaker Island is located in the southeastern part of the Falkland Islands just off the main island of East Falkland and about a 35-minute flight from Stanley, the capital. Bleaker Island offers a lot to see and do including some […]

Carcass Island, Falkland Islands

Carcass Island is a jewel of a place. It is about an hour flight in a small twin-engine 10-seater plane from Stanley. Upon arrival, there are three grass landing strips in a triangular shape to choose from. This is to allow planes to land in any wind conditions although the third grass strip will not […]