Falkland Islands Radio Segment

One of the coolest things about my trip to the Falkland Islands is how much positive feedback I have gotten since I left the islands. I had the best week of my life on my Facebook fan page with all the great penguin pictures and I’ve had at least 100 people tell me I’ve put the Falkland Islands on their travel map; which is the biggest compliment you can pay me (website or Facebook wise). I also got noticed by Falkland Islands Radio and they asked me to tape a segment with them.

We taped the segment via Skype when I was traveling in Chile about three weeks ago. We taped for about 10-15 minutes or so and the final cut ended up being 6:47 so it’s not too long and very Falkland Islands centric.
Falkland Islands, Volunteer Point, Falkland Islands Radio, king penguins
I appreciate Falkland Islands Radio for asking me to do the segment, editing and then sending it to me. I hope you guys enjoy the segment and I hope that you all try to visit the Falkland Islands some day. I had such a great trip visiting Carcass Island, Bleaker Island, Sea Lion Island, East Falkland and recommend all whole heartedly.
Falkland Islands, Volunteer Point, Falkland Islands Radio, king penguins
Plus you’d get to see all these awesome penguins up close and personal!

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  1. I am definitely one of the hundreds whose map it is now on. Listening to your interview makes me want to go even more now. Those penguin pictures are fantastic as well. Cheers, Lee.

  2. In our life we travel many places, but few remain in our hearts for long life due to some special things there. It was good here that you had a great time of your life there. The clicks of penguin are awesome.

  3. Peter Ormond says

    Great photography. The islands are excellentt. I made a couple of business trips down there and was also fortunate to spend 4 months doing volunteer work on a farm at San Carlos. The folks, and wildlife, make them a wonderful place to visit and give some fantastic memories. I’ll be visiting again in December 2015, when I stop there on an Antarctic trip.

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