Lost in Translation

The past week or so has been pretty hectic for me, with a lot of planes, places, booking stuff, researching, touring around and very little sleep. After Sri Lanka, I headed to the Maldives for a few days to chill and because I had to get a plane from there; since it was booked before […]

World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of those funny places when you see a list of countries. It has a funny name, a funny but cool flag, and it is seemingly in the middle of nowhere. It doesn’t really register with you on your to do list of visiting countries. I was just there for my third […]

Kickin it in Karachi

I’ll be honest, flying into Karachi, I was expecting very little. To be honest, I was thinking the city would be hell on Earth and that I can’t wait to be done with Karachi and get back to Dubai to just relax. Karachi, Pakistan marked a 4 day stretch where I was in Iraq, Afghanistan […]

Bhutan: The Land of the Thunder Dragon

Bhutan is awesome. There is no other place I have been that is like it. In fact, there is nothing really comparable to Bhutan in many ways. The country is so remote and isolated from the rest of the world that only a select few people actually get to visit the country. There is a […]

The Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal

Nepal is in many ways a dream destination. It has everything you could ask for and for half the price that’d you’d expect to pay. The world’s only Hindu Kingdom is sort of a subcontinent in and of itself. Its terrain ranges from sea level and searing heat to the absolute top of the world […]

Chaos on the Subcontinent

On the Indian subcontinent, nothing ever really runs smoothly if they run at all. Things that appear to be simple, simply cannot be explained and there is little retribution. I have had 7 flights (including connections) thus far on this trip within the subcontinent and to neighboring islands and every one of them have been […]

A Maldivian Honeymoon With Myself

The Maldives are a place that was almost made up to me. I never really thought they really existed. I had seen so many brochures and pictures of this amazing place; a tropical paradise on the other side of the world that seemed so exclusive and alluring. Well it is. It is as gorgeous as […]

The Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshadweep, from Hindi meaning “100 islands” is actually a string of 36 palm covered islands, of which 10 are inhabited, 200 miles off the coast of Kerala in Southern India. Its inhabitants are mainly Sunni Muslim fisherman wherein fishing and coir production are the islands’ main sources of income. Life on the islands is very […]

From the Azores to India

It was a long and tumultuous journey from the Azores to Kochi, India but I have finally made it and spent the day relaxing in Kochi or Cochin at the Le Meridien hotel which is very nice and very cheap. My crazy journey started in the Azores by my first flight to Lisbon being delayed, […]

Post-Tsunami Sri Lanka

I am reposting this story that I wrote in 2005, right after the devastating tsunami that hit Central and Southeast Asia. I have always been intrigued by the country of Sri Lanka. Ever since I studied the map as a kid I thought Sri Lanka was a place I would like to see one day. […]