3 Places Not to Miss in Sicily

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear Sicily? The Godfather, mafia, Goodfellas, crime and several other non-flattering things brought about by Hollywood. You probably don’t think about stunning landscapes, amazing food, beautiful destinations and a sensory overload of pretty much everything! I just visited Sicily for the 3rd or 4th time and […]

2 Days in Ibiza

2 days in Ibiza sounds like a short time. However, it is not! 2 days in Ibiza is kind of like 2 days in Las Vegas; you are burned out and ready to get out of there. However, Ibiza is an interesting place to visit-especially if you’re into partying and the electronic music scene. I, […]

Sardinia In Short

As I was coming into Santa Teresa di Gallura on the ferry from Corsica, I was overcome with excitement. For many reasons, but I knew that Sardinia was my last TCC country in Europe and also that amazing Italian food was only a short walk from the port into town. In addition, I was aiming […]

But Of Cors-ica

The Mediterranean is awesome. Its distinctive coastlines, mountains, activities, food and people make it one of the best destinations to visit in the world. Of the major Mediterranean destinations, I only have Sardinia to go and I am writing this on the boat there. With that type of experience I can firmly say that Corsica […]

Loving Lampedusa

I owe the Travelers Century Club and their list big time for introducing me to Lampedusa which is the last volcanic island in the Mt. Etna chain and the southernmost island in the Mediterranean belonging to Europe. It is in fact administered by Italy and in considered a part of Sicily but is hardly so […]

Amazing Santorini

As those of you who read my site regularly know, I love lists and I also love to be surprised and taken aback by new places. It doesn’t happen often but I did a full day trip to Santorini and never wanted to leave. This amazing Greek island is right up in my top 3 […]

Crete for Easter

I spent the past holiday weekend in Crete, which is the southernmost Greek Island and the fifth largest in the entire Mediterranean Sea. The island certainly seemed bigger than that and the scenery, mixed with the people and the amazing food made for a great weekend. Crete was the last part of Greece that I […]

Palermo, Sicily

Palermo is a city that’s quite apart from the rest of Sicily’s urban spaces. Though it’s on the traditional end of the scale, it carries with it a sense of unpredictability and adventure. It’s streets are packed with traffic, it’s markets are a hive of hollers, smells and countless gastronomic offerings. The winding, palazzo strewn […]

Western Sicily

Western Sicily is ancient and rugged, tranquil and sunny and a fascinating introduction to the island. It looks today much of what it must’ve looked 100 years ago. There are shepherds herding their sheep, stone farmhouses dotting the horizon and fields of marsala grapes as far as the eye can see. It is almost perfect […]

Malta Magic

Malta was the last UN country in Europe that I had yet to visit so I was pretty psyched to get there. I was also psyched because I got to stay with and see my friend Tom whom I hadn’t seen in five years as he is living in Malta and I also got to […]