2 Days in Ibiza

2 days in Ibiza sounds like a short time. However, it is not! 2 days in Ibiza is kind of like 2 days in Las Vegas; you are burned out and ready to get out of there. However, Ibiza is an interesting place to visit-especially if you’re into partying and the electronic music scene. I, however, am not. But I did manage to make the best of my 2 days in Ibiza and think it is a place where everyone should visit at some point in their travels just to see it for themselves.
Ibiza, beach, Playa d'en Bossa, Ushuaia Beach Hotel, Spain, Balearic Islands
I stayed at the Ushuaia Beach Hotel, located about ten minutes drive from the airport and the best place to stay on Playa d’en Bossa. Playa d’en Bossa is one of the two beaches on Ibiza where the majority of party tourists stay and it’s a pretty nice beach.
Ushuaia Tower, Ibiza, beach, Playa d'en Bossa, Ushuaia Beach Hotel, Spain, Balearic Islands
The Ushuaia Beach Hotel was pretty cool to be honest. I would definitely recommend staying there if you wanted to stay in Playa d’en Bossa. I had a look and some of the others hotels on the beach and I wouldn’t ever recommend any of the others!
Ibiza, beach, Playa d'en Bossa, Ushuaia Beach Hotel, Spain, Balearic Islands
The pool was cool but very tacky and played loud music most of the day. I will say the scenery and people at the pool were great for people watching though. Make no mistake the Ushuaia is a party hotel in a party beach on a party island…so be prepared!
Ibiza, beach, Playa d'en Bossa, Ushuaia Beach Hotel, Spain, Balearic Islands, pool
The rooms were great with killer beds, an outdoor Jacuzzi, plenty of space and even some creepy Buddhas in the rooms that were actually kind of cute/cool. The lobby décor was also very interesting and delightfully tacky.
Ibiza, beach, Playa d'en Bossa, Ushuaia Beach Hotel, Spain, Balearic Islands, chair
The chairs had butts on them…as you can see in the picture-I mean butts!
Ibiza, beach, Playa d'en Bossa, Ushuaia Beach Hotel, Spain, Balearic Islands, lobby at Ushuaia Beach Hotel
The lobby and the hotel in general also have big ants all over it. Part of the deal with the hotel and their party vibe is to join the colony, meaning their ant colony for their parties.
Ibiza, beach, Playa d'en Bossa, Ushuaia Beach Hotel, Spain, Balearic Islands, party, rave
I went to a party at the Ushuaia last Thursday and it was massive and packed. It was some local DJ’s spinning. Now I am going to be the first to admit I hate electronic music and don’t understand the whole scene at all.
Ibiza, beach, Playa d'en Bossa, Ushuaia Beach Hotel, Spain, Balearic Islands, party at Ushuaia Beach Hotel
Ibiza is home to some of the largest and best-known clubs in the world like Pacha, Space and several others. After the party at the Ushuaia I passed on hitting up any other clubs. I figured it would be more of the same. If I don’t know any of the songs and there are no lyrics-it doesn’t appeal to me. I am 100% a rock and roll guy!
Formentera, beach, Illetes Beach, Spain
On the second of my 2 days in Ibiza, I took a daytrip to Formentera. Formentera is like heaven and another world away from Ibiza albeit only a 30-minute ferry ride. Get off the boat, rent a scooter and see the island. Formentera will not disappoint you!
Formentera, beach, Spain
The beaches are stellar. The water is gorgeous and the only issue I have is that there are a lot of old people who go naked at the beach and in the water at a non-nude beach. I know this is a thing in Europe and I have seen it many times but I’m not going to lie-it kind of skeeves me out. And by kind of, I mean it really does! Just put a bathing suit on-is it that awful!
Lee Abbamonte, Formentera, beach, Illetes Beach, Spain
That aside, the water at Formentera is stunning, the beaches are the same and it’s a great way to get away from the loud music of Ibiza and really get to relax and get a nice day at the beach.
Formentera, beach, Illetes Beach, Spain
I 100% recommend getting a scooter and getting out and seeing the island as well. There are several cool beaches, viewpoints and secluded beach restaurants worth checking out. Just one word of advice…if you rent a scooter and it is low on gas to start, gas up before you set out around the island. You may find yourself in a running on fumes situation as I did and there are only two gas stations on the island back by town.
iberico ham, Ibiza, La Brasa
After heading back to Ibiza on the last ferry at 7pm from Formentera, we headed into Eveissa, which is the main town on Ibiza for dinner. A Facebook fan from Barcelona actually recommended a restaurant called La Brasa and it was unbelievably good!
Mussels, La Brasa, Ibiza
The ham and mussels were some of the best I have ever tasted and I couldn’t have been happier. The place itself was an indoor/outdoor patio restaurant right in the heart of town and a convenient place to explore the town after dinner. I highly recommend it.
buddhas, Ushuaia Beach Hotel, Ibiza
So after 2 days in Ibiza I was ready to get off the island and head to Rome. Vueling has a direct flight and that is exactly what I did! In hindsight, I am glad I went to Ibiza but I probably won’t be going back again anytime soon or probably ever. It’s the kind of place you have to go when you’re like 22 or if you really like electronic and techno music. But it was an experience, any way you slice it!

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  1. Ibiza is an amazing place that I visited when I was 21. I couldn’t fathom going now at 32. Cool pics.

  2. That hotel looks amazing! Not sure if it’s amazing in a good way or bad but amazing!

  3. I did Ibiza when I was like 27 and felt too old! I did try a club just for the experience but it was not my thing (I like music I can sing along to!). The club was having a water party and the whole dance floor filled with water up to my waist as rain poured down from the ceiling. Crazy! Also did a day trip to Formentera and biked around the island. That was probably my my favorite thing.

  4. While I haven’t travelled as much as you (primarily North America, Caribbean, and Europe), I’d challenge you to go back to Ibiza and not sent foot in any of the clubs. Rent a car and travel around the island, interacting with locals and exploring quiet, hidden beaches and natural lagoons. I was in Ibiza for 2 days last summer, and the experience was absolutely incredible. I was shocked that such a small island could offer such natural beauty, as well as a really interesting, diverse local scene (i.e. not Sant Antoni– places like Cala d’Hort, Benirrás, Sa Pedrera). I bet you could rewrite Ibiza with a completely different review! 🙂

  5. Seems too short trip on a best place 🙂

  6. Pere ferrer says

    Una de las islas españolas con mayor encanto.
    Le invito a que vuelva a mi país.
    Un trabajo de blog magnífico

  7. I have driving license but I have never driven any scooter before. Will it be a problem to get a scooter?
    Is the gas expensive btw?

    Can I hire a bicycle instead to getting around the island on Formentera?


  8. Re naked people on beaches. Is it only old naked people you object to? I remember walking with young children on a beach with lots of naked Germans. They had a good biology lesson that day. That said you can’t say only young and slim people can sunbathe naked. My view is that on none nudist beaches everyone needs to be suitably clad.

  9. This looks like an amazing and fun trip- loved reading about your experience!

  10. Ibiza looks like so much fun. I spent 3 weeks in Alicante when I was 16. Such a fun place and I loved the beaches.

  11. Ibiza sounds fun to me. Those chairs with butts are hilarious. Added Ibiza in my bucket list

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