Copenhagen and Malmo

It had been 9 years since I was first in Copenhagen, the very expensive capital of Denmark, so I didn’t remember everything. I just remembered that it was a gorgeous place with really friendly people-not much has changed. We spent a great day and night in the city which included a 6 hour walking tour […]

Icebar Stockholm

Perhaps the biggest tourist attraction in all of Stockholm is the Absolut Icebar in the Nordic Hotel. The bar is made out of ice completely, with the exception of the floor. Even the actual bar and glasses are ice. Of course they only serve Absolut vodka drinks and they are not cheap. However, that’s understandable […]

Beautiful Stockholm

Known for its impeccable style and a population as beautiful as its surroundings, Stockholm is a thoroughly attractive destination and a great place to spend a few days. Whether you’re wandering the crooked, narrow streets of the “Old Town” Gamla Stan or meandering through the broad shopping streets and gorgeous immaculate buildings, its not hard […]

The Jumbo Jet Hostel

I thought this was kind of interesting that a businessman in Stockholm, Sweden bought a grounded and unusable 747 and is planning in turning into a 110 Euro a night hostel in Sweden. There are to be 25 rooms and the main cockpit suite. Sound enticing? Not to me, but maybe to scores of Swedes […]