The Jumbo Jet Hostel

I thought this was kind of interesting that a businessman in Stockholm, Sweden bought a grounded and unusable 747 and is planning in turning into a 110 Euro a night hostel in Sweden. There are to be 25 rooms and the main cockpit suite. Sound enticing? Not to me, but maybe to scores of Swedes who seemingly cannot wait to frequent this new “phenomenon”.

This type of hostel is nothing new in Sweden as they already have a big boat hostel in Stockholm so why not add a 747? I am sure it will be cool and innovative and this Swedish businessman apparently paid upwards of $200,000, which sounds crazy but what the heck-he’s a Swede and they love to gamble! The price tag seems a bit high for a hostel room but-when in Scandinavia…The prices for accomodation in Scandinavia are the highest in the world already so perhaps backpackers or travelers alike looking for something different will have already budgeted for the high prices in Scandinavia, so why not?

If they ever come up with a submerged submarine hostel-I’m in!

Book a night at the Jumbo Hostel in Sweden.

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  1. Big deal its an airplane…I sleep in an airplane every time I fly so why would I pay 110 euro to sleep in a hostel esp in sweden!

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