Beautiful Stockholm

Known for its impeccable style and a population as beautiful as its surroundings, Stockholm is a thoroughly attractive destination and a great place to spend a few days. Whether you’re wandering the crooked, narrow streets of the “Old Town” Gamla Stan or meandering through the broad shopping streets and gorgeous immaculate buildings, its not hard to wonder why Stockholm is such a popular destination. The water inbetween the 14 islands that make up Stockholm sparkle in the sunlight and make for a truly alluring experience. Stockholm is also home to the Nobel prize, the Royal Palace and some stunning architecture and church spires. However, the city is far from a museum piece. Its a fashionistas dream with seemingly every Swede being a suitable model for the expensive clothes they are wearing and of course Stockholm is about as expensive as any place on Earth-a fact that should not be forgotten when budgeting for any Scandinavian trip.

I am staying just out of the city center off the Brommaplan metro stop which is the most convenient way to see the city and get around with ease. I suggest definitely getting a pass for the amount of time you are in Stockholm. Walking is also a great way to see the sights but Stockholm is a lot bigger than you may think especially if you have been to some of the other Scandinavian capital cities that are much smaller. However, walking is the best way to see the parks and just a simple stroll along some of the many waterfront areas of the city is a nice way to spend a day.

Stockholm shines best at night with the emergence of the Sweden everyone talks about. Quite possibly the most beautiful people on Earth, and in my view perhaps some of the best dressed people as well. The best place to see the Swedish elite out on the town is in Stureplan, just off the central station, where the streets are awash with gorgeous model types and outdoor cafes that can charge up to $20 entry fee to sit in a cafe on a public sidewalk just for the priviliedge of paying another $18 for a cocktail. If you stick to beer, you get a break at only $12 a pint! However, there are other places around town to eat, drink and be merry as well. The only difference about Stureplan is you generally have to be 25 to get into places because the city is notorious for 13-17 year old decked out teeny boppers and high schoolers who look like they could be 25 or more being out at night, so this helps keep “bads things” from happening as a local told me last night, haha.

I had been to Stockholm back in 2000 for just one night and this time I have eight and cannot wait to see more of the city and more of the surrounding areas. Sweden is blessed with tremendous natural beauty in all aspects of their country and the people are as nice as the scenery so it makes for a good mix. Just watch your Krona because they go fast.

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  1. Hi lee, I’ve been traveling a lot myself lately and realized I hadn’t checked your travels in a while and seems like you’ve been moving around quite a bit. Last I looked you were at around 175 countries or so, congrats. I see you’re in Sweden which is one of my favorites.

    I just traveled throughout eastern Europe myself with my favorite spots being Ukraine and Bulgaria. I lived with a family in Bulgaria and they took me all over the country and when the weather is good, there is no beating that place. I know you liked it when you were there. Anyways good luck and enjoy Sweden as I am sure you will as you always seem to do.

  2. William, I missed you my man…sounds good about your travels and I do love those places as well. I have been busy lately and will moreso this summer as well. Take care and glad to see you back.

  3. been there, done that!

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