Icebar Stockholm

Perhaps the biggest tourist attraction in all of Stockholm is the Absolut Icebar in the Nordic Hotel. The bar is made out of ice completely, with the exception of the floor. Even the actual bar and glasses are ice. Of course they only serve Absolut vodka drinks and they are not cheap. However, that’s understandable because you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time there anyway considering it’s kept at about 25 degrees Fahrenheit (-5 Celsius). We went and we were lucky because there were only a few other people in there so we could get some cool pictures.

There is also an ice hotel in Sweden but in the north and as far as I know there is only one other in the world and that’s in Quebec, Canada. Either way, I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re in Stockholm. It’s only a half hour of your time, it’s pretty cool and certainly unique and can be fun with friends. It’ll cost you 180 Swedish krona which is about $22 and it’ll get you admission for 40 minutes and a specialty drink included, plus the jacket with built in gloves. I also suggest wearing socks because those that didn’t certainly had cold feet, haha!

Off to Copenhagen, Denmark tomorrow afternoon.

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  1. Awesome pic man, I went there as well. While expensive, you hit it right on the head, you’re only in there for 20 minutes so its totally a cool experience. Have fun in Denmark!

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