Podcast on Lord Howe, Norfolk and Christmas Islands


  1. Kai Chongloi says:

    My God! Look at the view, so serene and beautiful!

  2. Great interview on those islands. You have an amazing memory on your travels, it was almost like a history lesson. Good job with it.

  3. Wow, I didn’t realize how little I knew about anywhere until I listened to this. I’ve never heard of any of them.

    • Haha, most people haven’t heard of any of these places…many Aussies don’t even know anything about them so don’t feel bad. If you find me an American who’s even heard of 2/3 I’ll be super impressed!

  4. I know you travel a lot but how do you know and remember all that stuff???

    • I was blessed with a good memory, I rarely forget things especially when it has to do with history, sports, dates, numbers or travel…

  5. Nice picture, looks like a great palce

  6. Hi Lee,

    great interview – I enjoyed listening and it inspired me!

  7. Ok, so you’re like the Rain Man of Australian islands.

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