The 30 Best Beaches in the World

Picking the 30 best beaches in the world is a completely impossible task. There are as many beaches as there are people in the world seemingly and so many are so nice. I could easily do a list of the 30 best beaches in each country and I may well do that very soon-at least in countries like the United States and Australia, etc.
Western Australia, beach, Australia
Being as though I’ve traveled to every country in the world, I feel compelled to utilize the entire world for my selections for this list. That said, it makes it a hell of a lot tougher to make this list.
Falkland Islands beach, penguins, king penguins
So I needed to use some criteria to sort of narrow the list of the 30 best beaches in the world down. Here is my vague criteria:
Bermuda, beach
– I have to have been to the beach at least once.

– I could only pick one beach per country; which was exceptionally difficult-trust me!

– The selections are purely based on my experiences, thoughts and feelings for the beaches.

– My selections are based on a variety of topics such as beauty, it factor, water, sand, location, etc.
Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas
With no further adieu…here are the 30 best beaches in the world!
Green Sand Beach, Hawaii, Big Island
30. Spiaggia dei Conigli in Lampedusa, Italy
29. Diani Beach in Diani Beach, Kenya
28. Haad Rin Nok in Ko Phangan, Thailand
27. Chomoni Beach in Grande Comore, Comoros
26. Quay Club Beach in Dubai, UAE
25. Playa Paraiso in Tulum, Mexico
24. Jimbaran Beach in Bali, Indonesia
23. Kominato Beach in Chichi-Jima, Ogasawara, Japan
22. Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda, UK
21. Datai Beach in Langkawi, Malaysia
20. Kuto Bay Beach in Isle of Pines, New Caledonia, France
19. Palm Beach in Aruba, Netherlands
18. Na’ama Bay Beach in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
17. Red Beach in Santorini, Greece
16. Dolly Beach in Christmas Island, Australia
15. Pink Sands Beach in Harbour Island, Bahamas
14. Agatti Island Beach in Lakshadweep Islands, India
13. Playa Azul in Varadero, Cuba
12. Clifton Beach in Cape Town, South Africa
11. West Bay Beach in Roatan, Honduras
10. White Beach in Boracay, Philippines
9. Bleaker Island Beach in Bleaker Island, Falkland Islands
8. Green Sand Beach in Big Island, Hawaii, USA
7. Playa es Trenc in Mallorca, Spain
6. Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
5. Playa El Agua in Margarita Island, Venezuela
4. One Foot Island Beach in Aitutaki, Cook Islands
3. Praia do Sancho in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
2. Playa Anakena in Easter Island, Chile
1. Anse Lazio in Praslin, Seychelles

Anse Lazio, lee Abbamonte, Seychelles

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  1. John Vantine says

    While you said one of your criteria was that there would only be one beach per country, you’ve selected two from Mexico.

  2. It may be subjective coming from me and I know you’re considering only ones that you’re been at – but I think that Zlatni Rat beach on island Bra? (Croatia) is better than some listed in here 🙂 Very good list nevertheless, of course.

    • I have not been to that particular beach but I am sure it’s gorgeous! I have not been to every beach in the world…especially when you get into islands especially small Mediterranean islands…it is very tough to narrow something this broad down.

  3. Great Post! I hope these beaches has the most beautiful women in the world on them lol

  4. That’s awesome you have actually been to each beach. Great post man!

  5. Hi Lee, I have travelled quite a bit and the best beaches was by far in the Maldives. I am surprised not one of them have made your list?

    • John Doe says

      I dont like Maldives because they stone women to death for ridiculous reasons ! All Lee’s beaches are true gems, everyone would feel great being on any of it, and of course they are many many more great beaches , world is amazing place when we talk about its nature.

    • Patrick, I knew someone was going to ask about the Maldives and the reason I didn’t include any beaches from it is because all of the beautiful beaches I have seen there in my multiple visits are on a private hotel island. SO yes they are gorgeous, but I can’t put them on the list as I don’t think simply hotel beaches on a private island qualify…I probably should’ve put that in my criteria…thanks!

  6. Jonatas from Boston says

    I agree this is probably the toughest list thus far, the one beach per country criteria essentially screws great world class beaches in giant countries like Brazil and the USA. Beaches like Wailea in Maui and Ipanema in RIO both of which I would put in my top 10, get the ax. it’s a tough one!

  7. Rob Sanders says

    Only been to one of them. Pink Sands in Bahamas.

  8. Awesome list! We will be vacationing on West Bay Beach in Roatan soon. Glad to hear it made your list. No clue how you chose only 30 lol can’t wait to check some of them out on our future travels.

  9. I’m a bit biased but I just love that Palm Beach Aruba made it to your list. Aruba is a wonderful island for all those beach crazy travelers out there.

  10. Helen G. Dickerson says

    Visited a few of the beaches mentioned and I’d love to see the others. It’s an awesome list!

  11. my family and i went to Roatan couple months ago and is one the most beautiful place i ever been in

  12. Centara Grand island says

    Amazing beaches. Awesome article. Very useful to find a beautiful beach.

  13. Is the picture of a beach with king penguins the one you are calling Bleaker Beach in the Falklands? If so I think it is Volunteer Beach as that is where I work and we have most of the king penguins in the Islands there and it looks like Volunteer’s and not Bleaker to me.

  14. You need to come to visit the South west of the UK – the beaches in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are stunning!

  15. What about Formentera??

  16. Glad to see Roatan made your list. Have been there numerous times and will continue to go back.

  17. you don’t like Canada?

  18. María Romero Marchante says

    Great list!!
    In my opinion i will add turkish beaches, bora bora or moorea and comino s beach in malta.
    But that s just personal.
    I think the egyptian one is super great beach! One of the most unexpected experiences in my life

  19. Awesome write up and list! I like to see the less well known ones made your list. Another great find is Long Beach on Koh Rong in Cambodia. A hidden gem 🙂 Check out what made our list for best beaches:

  20. so lee tell me,which of the worlds nicest beaches have adjacent forests with a large variety of birds?as i am a birder i m always looking for these tropical islands to combine the love for beach iwth going birding…could imagine this might be the case on new caledonia,maybe phillipines n langkawi…so am interested to know if you know 🙂 cheers from the netherlands

  21. Good call listing Red Beach in Santorini, Greece! Beautiful island. Beautiful and unique beaches! However, I am a little shocked and flabbergasted that you didn’t list Dewey Beach (Delaware, USA) as the #1 beach in the World. Ha! 😀

  22. Stephenie Domfe says

    Crane beach in Barbados is also one of my favourites ! We are lucky I live in Mallorca and have numerous beautifull coves and beaches but we have one at number 7 on your list l here in mallorca so am very pleased with that .

  23. Erwin Aniban says

    Seriously no Grace Bay Beach? 🙂

  24. Have you been to Flamenco Beach at Culebra Island in Puerto Rico

  25. Have you been to Flamenco Beach Culebra Island Puerto Rico.

  26. Why is the top photo of Twilight Cove in Esperance, Australia, when you dont actually have it in your top 30?
    I would reconize my beach anywhere

  27. Lakshweep island is far the most exotic place in the world. I have been to most of the these places on the list and assure you Kadmat island is the place to go.

  28. Since you like santorine’s beaches wait till you see milos and zakynthos ! Great list !

  29. Lovely post dear! I agree with you that, these are definitely the best beaches in the world. And my favorite one is Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro.

  30. After reading this blog, I am little confused as which beach destination to pick for my vacation which is pending since long. But thanks buddy as I have a wide variety of options to choose from.

  31. Don’t get me wrong they are beautiful beaches, but have you ever been to vrika or voutoumi beach on anti paxos, a small Greek island south of Corfu? That has to be up there it’s probably the nicest beach in Europe

  32. Best collection of beaches,Thank you.Have you been Radhanagar beach in Andaman islands which is one of the beautiful beach in Asia.You may include that beach also in your list.

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