Acacia Tree

I get a lot of emails asking about things I post or pictures that I have up. A common question is about this picture which I have at the top of my homepage. It is an Acacia Tree which is generally seen in Africa and especially on the Serengeti plains which is where this picture was taken. They are as cool as they look and they are just randomly dotting the horizon. There can be one such as this one with no others around it for miles. It is of course common to see animals under them taking in the little shade they do offer during the ridiculous African daytime heat.

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  1. I want one for my yard

  2. thats ok and everything but it desnt rely tell us anything about the tree.

  3. Do you have this photo in higher resolution? Do you have more like that one? Is the photo for sale? I want to use it. Thanks

  4. Hi Daniel, I have sold some pictures but generally don’t do it. I also have plenty of them. If you are really interested shoot me an email and we can discuss as I would care to know what you plan to do with it. Thanks.

  5. Hey lee, i’m a school girl and i am a huge fan. I picked the acacia tree for one of my projects!!!

  6. Thanks Bella and good luck with your project!

  7. I am in school and i am doing a project on the Acacia tree and I was looking for a lot of info on it on this website and i was disappointed. Although i love the pic and Africa but Id dint get lots of info on the tree. 🙁

  8. we are going to buy Hungary acacia seed,if its available ,please advice through our email.
    thank you. young ki kim

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