Mt. Kilimanjaro Slideshow

I took this off my site a while ago but wanted to re-post it for those new readers who never saw it as I get a lot of emails about Kilimanjaro. My friend Jake and I climbed Kili in September 2006 and this slideshow with music, documents our trip. If you’d like to read my day by day account of the trip, please see the right-hand sidebar on this page or click here. Enjoy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing man. Looks like an awesome hike. It’s funny, yesterday I ran across some posting about Justin Timberlake’s quest to take on the mountain too…I can just see him with 20 porters jogging up the mountain singing while decked out in top of the line North Face gear.

  2. Awesome video and great song!

  3. Hmmm, ya I can see that too. I’d imagone he would take the Coca Cola route where you have a bed to sleep in…same route Jimmy Carter took when he failed to summit in like 1988-apparently accompanied by tons of secret service and medical guys-our guide was telling us about that.

  4. Awesome video. Makes me want to climb Kili. I also read your journal of the climb, sounds amazing. I may email you some questions if you don’t mind.

  5. Great video! Very inspiring.

  6. Great video and even better daily journal of your trip up the mountain. Thanks for sharing.

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