The Smoke That Thunders

Today I saw the most beautiful thing I think I’ve ever seen. I’ve been to Victoria Falls before, in fact it was 6 years ago today I was there, but today I got to the perfect spot at the exact right time, place, wind, mist, rainbow and everything. The picture above, while not possibly justified to how amazing it was to see in person was the best scene I’ve ever witnessed. It was a dream scenario with nobody around to ruin it. It was the reason you travel. It’s like a surfer searching for the perfect wave, today was my perfect vista.

I saw the Falls from both sides of the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe and actually snuck out of and back into Zambia without having to buy another $50 visa which was pretty sweet. I am not going to write too much about the Falls because I think the following pictures from both sides will pretty much speak for themselves (I would put more up but the Internet in Zambia is really slow). Victoria Falls, the smoke that thunders, is simply amazing.
I am doing a daytrip to Chobe National Park in Northern Botswana tomorrow for some game driving. I am looking forward to that. Enjoy the pictures.

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  1. Chobe is amazing — if they offer a safari cruise take it, you’ll never see so many elephants. That is, if they are there in January — I was there in August and there were groups of hundreds. If the elephants aren’t there, you’ll still see tons of hippos and crocs. I have been on many safaris and that cruise was especially memorable.

  2. Beautiful pictures!

  3. nice pics, gotta love that perhaps one of the best tourist sites in the world has virtually no tourists so you can have it to yourself.

    you look like you\’ve been on the african diet of nothing to eat and lots of sweat.

  4. Ya dude, I haven’t hit a scale or anything but I have to be down at least 10-15 pounds I didn’t want to lose…tough not to bc as you said, all you do is sweat and not eat much if you can keep it down.

  5. Amazing place, was there last February. Brilliant pictures Lee, I enjoy reading your blog mate. Safe travels.

  6. Gorgeous!

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