South Pole Video

It’s the day after Christmas so exactly one week since my friends and I stood at the bottom of the world. My good friend Patrick put together this amazing South Pole video. It’s a great watch and really captures the experience of the day from the nervous excitement and anxiety, to relief, to pure elation and beyond. From Novo Base to 83 degrees to the South Pole and back this South Pole video, less a few F-Bombs (I apologize in advance but it was in the moment), is a great 4 minute watch. Check it out!

If you haven’t already read my post of how I made it to the South Pole, be sure to check it out as well because it’s a real fun read. I have a few more videos and posts from my trip coming up in the next few weeks and be sure to check out some of my National TV segments coming up about my trip to the South Pole as well! I will detail them on my Facebook page. Happy holidays again!
Lee Abbamonte, South Pole, Arctic Trucks, ANtarctica

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  1. Really amazing experience You had there Lee and what a nice video upload as well 🙂 Thank You for sharing ti with Us.

  2. I’m absolutely loving all of these South Pole posts! Keep ’em coming =)

  3. shorty getlow says

    Yo you beez crazy thinking that the reindeer won’t eat yous out there in that Frigidaire weather

  4. In retrospect, it would have been pretty cool if you and your buddies slugged back Antarctica beer once you hit the South Pole. But, Brazil would have been out of the way for a liquor stop and hindsight is always 20/20. 🙂

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