Sri Lanka After the Tsunami

I was in Sri Lanka in October 2005. It was always a place that I had always wanted to visit because of its remoteness and mystery. When I hear about all of the violence that is going on now it makes me sad because of all the trouble and hardships that the people have had to endure in the past few years. Sri Lanka was affected greatly by the massive tsunami that slammed into Southern Asia at the end of 2004. The southern part of the country was devastated and thousands were killed and displaced. International aid failed to reach the people who needed it most and they have basically been swept under the rug and forgotten about. It is very unfortunate to me to know this but from my experience most Sri Lankans have a much more positive and upbeat attitude about the whole thing. They have rebuilt and moved on. They are strong people and have passions for many things. The biggest national passion is cricket. I was fortunate enough to attend a test match when I was in Colombo at the national stadium. I enjoyed my time there and I know this much; I am rooting for Sri Lanka in the current Cricket World Cup. The picture above shows a barren and deserted resort beach south of Colombo that was once thriving with vacationers and tourists. The picture below shows the national cricket team practicing at the national stadium. To read more about my trip to Sri Lanka, click here.

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  1. Asia Flights says

    It is encouraging news to tourists that Sri Lanka is rebuilding its spirit after the devastation of the tsunami.

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