The Great Ocean Road

Victoria, Australia is awesome. Melbourne rocks and Aussie Rules Football is everywhere but the Great Ocean Road is the top attraction. What a cool way to spend a day cruising down the scenic coastal drive. The 12 apostles (above) are the famous, picture perfect rock formations emerging vertically from the ocean. They are really cool and make for great photos. There are more formations all up and down the 3-4 hour ocean drive. London Bridge (below) is another great one and there are many others. The Great Ocean Road compares with the greatest coastal drives in the world; the Pacific Coast Highway in California and the drive from Capetwon to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. I can’t decide which one I like the best, they are all amazing but I may have to give the nod to Oz’s magical highway. In Australia I always say that each day is better than the last but the day you do the Great Ocean Road will be one of the best.

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