Bermuda is often forgotten about by most people I know because it’s so close to New York. It’s only a 2 hour flight but it doesn’t often come up as a place to shoot off to for a getaway. The more mainstream Caribbean places generally come up more often. However, Bermuda is awesome. The restaurants are world class, the culture is awesome with the Bermuda shorts and the English influence. But most of all, the beaches are tremendous. As you can see above on Horseshoe Beach, these beaches are top notch. The best thing about them is that they are surrounded by giant rocks and rock cliffs as you can see below so you can really get in some good cliff jumping, see me below. The heights vary and of course the depth of the water varies as well.
In Bermuda, the thing to do is rent scooters and drive around the island, which is a lot of fun. Rachel and I were there for a long weekend and we saw every inch of the island scooting around and it’s a great way to check out all of the beaches as well. Our favorite was Horseshoe Beach but Elbow beach and a few of the others were great too. It’s hard for me not to rave about Bermuda because I loved it so much. It is a perfect getaway with pristine beaches, great hotels and restaurants. It ain’t cheap in Bermuda but it is worth the splurge.

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  1. I am wondering if you can give me any information on cliff jumoing in bermuda? I am having trouble finding any info online. Please tell me where soe cliffs are located on the island. just email me at [email protected]

    Mike L.

  2. Mike, the cliffs I jumped off were near Horseshoe Beach. They were pretty good sized but nothing too crazy, somewhere in the 30-50 foot range. From Horsehoe Beach, if you’re looking at the water, they are to the left. There are other rocks and cliffs scattered throughout the islands many great beaches, many of which are jumpable. The only thing is be careful because the water isn’t always that deep depending on tide and time of year.

  3. the hott spot for cliff jumping is a small island called diving board island. you will need to ask locals or friends on the island for the exact location, but they should know. its an island only accessible by boat that has four different leveled cliffs topped off with a crazy shack cliff, where you run out of the shack to jump off the cliff. 🙂 been to Bermuda a dozen times as I am half bermudian!!! And this is byfar the best jumping island that I know of – Have fun!!! P.S. try the rum swizzel!!!

  4. hi all i am off to bermuda in september, could you tell me the best places to go and visit whilst there and what to avoid. i love all extreme sports, so any info on that would be amazing. also where can you hire the scooters from? also i have only been cliff diving once in mexico is it safe in bermuda or am i best to go with a large group of people apposed to 2/3 of us?

    mia x

  5. Mia its safe as anywhere else. Its not like Acapulco high or sheer cliffs but just fun casual reasonably hugh jumps. Scooters can be rented all over, ask at your hotel. There is really nothing to avoid in Bermuda, its a wonderful place but with excellent beaches, horseshoe and elbow being the tops as I recall. Have fun!

  6. We just returned from Bermuda. Must see the Gombeys. Scooter rentals are abundant over the Island, a bit expensive, but it’s the way to go. Bermuda is realitivly safe for visitors, but don’t be stupid and put your bags on the back of your scooter. A local can ride by and grab your purse and be gone before you know what happened. You must see some of the forts, and the beaches.

  7. Bermuda was a very unique place with its British colonial charm mixed with Caribbean influences. Its very much on the map now I took a 5 night cruise there from Baltimore on Royal Caribbean they now sail weekly like 5 months out of the year. St. George was a VERY cute, historic tropical town. Bermuda feels like a VERY weird place ot live though given its entire island cover lesss area than Baltimore City and is like 400 miles from the nearest land.

    • Admiralty House is my favorite place to jump. There are so many cliffs and rocks to jump off of from 10 to 50 feet. the view is amazing, and it’s easy to get to 🙂 Honestly, you can find so many places in BDA to have fun and jump off things. It’s like a playground. Love the rocks at Tobacco Bay too. Can’t wait to go back next month……

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