The Best of Bermuda

Bermuda is simply put, one of the best islands in the world. That said, the best of Bermuda is obviously something that is different for each person as every person has a different experience. However, after two great visits to Bermuda I believe I have a pretty good feel for the best of Bermuda…or at least MY best of Bermuda!


Beaches are the best of Bermuda, period. There are a hundred different beaches and they are almost all fantastic. Some have pink sand, some are surrounded by rocks and some are simply little private inlets that are just glorious. While Bermuda is not known for its deals, the beaches are free to visit and they are fabulous.
Elbow Beach, Bermuda, beach, island, travel
My favorite beach in Bermuda is Elbow Beach. It basically has everything a beach should have and it has less tourists than Horseshoe Bay Beach; which is also fantastic but can get pretty crowded if a cruise ship or two are in port.
Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda, beach, island
Elbow Beach has long stretches of pink sand with the backdrop of the gorgeous Elbow Beach Hotel. There is a public area and a private are for the hotel. No matter, they are both excellent.

Rent a Scooter

The best and really the only convenient way to get around Bermuda is via scooter. Almost all tourists rent scooters at some point during their stay and you will see them all over the island.
Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda, beach, island, travel
Bermuda is bigger than you’d expect it to be. It is not a small Caribbean island, it can take about an hour or so to cross the island and you will almost definitely get lost from time to time on the little side roads-but that’s part of the fun.
Fairmont Southampton Beach, Bermuda, beach, island, travel
Having a scooter allows you to easily park and see the majority of the island; including the less visited areas past the airport. Plus gas is a lot cheaper than if you have to fill up for a car. But the best thing is truly just being able to ride freely and feel the warm island air as you move about Bermuda. Trust me, it’s the way to go.
Hamilton, Sunset, Bermuda, beach, island, travel
One other piece of advice about scooters, if you rent them in Hamilton, the capital town, or book ahead online you can save some money as the hotels will charge a premium and so will the services they send you to.


Bermuda is not a cheap place. It is a stunningly gorgeous, pristine island but bargains are tough to come by for hotels. This was again my second trip to Bermuda. The first time I was in Bermuda I stayed at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess in Hamilton. This time I stayed at the Fairmont Southampton; which is on the other side of the island near Horseshoe Bay Beach.
Fairmont Southampton Beach, Bermuda, beach, island, travel
The Fairmont Southampton is very nice and the service is stellar. The rooms are what you’d expect from a Fairmont and there are a bunch of restaurants and bars to choose from within the hotel grounds.
Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda, beach, island, travel
For me, the location near the beach is why I liked it. The Fairmont also has its own private beach; which is crowded with guests but not as crowded as you’ll find at Horseshoe Bay Beach or even at the Fairmont pool where all the kids are.
Fairmont Southampton Beach, Bermuda, beach, island, travel
I also highly recommend the Elbow Beach Hotel. It is very luxurious and a gorgeous property. The price tag is quite high but in line with top hotels on Caribbean islands. Not to mention the beach, bars and restaurants are fantastic at Elbow Beach.
water, Bermuda, beach, island, travel
So that’s my take on the best of Bermuda. Bermuda is one of my favorite islands, anywhere. It is an amazing place and on your visit you will develop your own best of Bermuda. And worst comes to worst, you’ll just find yourself singing ‘Kokomo’ by the Beach Boys over and over!

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  1. baddboss says

    Really great observation, tranquility seen on Your photos is mind blowing, cant imagine how good it must be seen it with Your own eyes.

  2. Bermuda is amazing, great pics.

  3. So beautiful. I would love to go there sometime. I’ve always heard it’s amazing.

  4. Great post Lee. That water is incredible-it looks like an extension of the sky.

  5. Lovely to find your blog on Bermuda. I spent one year working there and lost my heart to the island and its people. Fantastic beaches and perfect climate. It truly is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I’ve been back a few times and hope to return again soon. Love your photos – they capture all the best of the island. How do you keep up with over 51,000 followers?!!!

  6. Fantastic photos! Beautiful beaches and gorgeous pink sand. This place is adorable and it definitely caught my heart.

  7. Beautiful photos and helpful advice for my upcoming trip in December!

  8. I think you really covered the best of Bermuda! I felt like I was completely pampered during my stay there.

  9. Awesome feature on my island paradise! I love my home! Bermuda is a beautiful island, clean, very calm, peaceful, friendly people, tasty cuisine and local beverages, pink sand beaches, lots of cultural events and water side views from almost every point on the island.

  10. Dear Shane

    Thank you for putting my Island home on your Top 30 List of Islands to visit. It’s truly a beauty to live here.

    Thank You

  11. Andew Paul Roye says

    Wow…..I was out there for 3months had the time of my life ……I lucky because my brother live out there ……but the beaches are second to none……..would absolutely say yes to anyone if you can go ….just go..the people are friendly…….and if you love the beach……your just be in utopia…

  12. What a wonderful article!! Andrew….you are so right about “Utopia”!! (Fancy meeting you here!!)
    If you ever get a chance to visit my Island home, do so…..its something you will not regret!
    A suggestion would be to stay at one of the smaller self catering vacation rentals….
    Do be extra careful if you rent a moped-do NOT reccomend it if you have NOT been on a cycle before.
    Bermuda has a wonderful public transport system, the bus runs usually very 15 mins on the main bus routes! The ferries are a fabulous way to travel, not are they fast, but you get to see a lot of the island while cruising along.
    Bermuda has over 400 years of history….every place that you stop to visit , to take pictures ….there is a story to be told! It may very well be a small island, but there is plenty to see and do!
    Bermuda can be very affordable, yes lunch on Front Street can be fabulous…..but if you just ask a local, ” where do you eat”… can be directed to many small restaurants and cafes!
    Bermuda has a deep love of tradition, you find this in its people, “good morning”…..” hello”….from people you don’t even know! A friendly smile! It is taught to us a children, to be polite, to give up your seat on the bus!
    If you want excitement or just total quiet…..Bermuda is so very much worth a visit!

  13. What a great article! If you ever get a chance to visit my Island home,do so…..
    Bermuda is one of the most incredible places you can visit!
    If you want excitement, you’ll find out it! If it’s peace and quiet, pull up a beach towel and relax!!
    Bermuda can be quite affordable, Stay at a smaller self catering unit, eat where the locals eat….
    Mopeds are a great way to see the island, but if you have never been on a moped-I’d strongly suggest to stick with the public transportation system. The bus runs about every 15 mins on the main bus routes. The ferries are a wonderful way to get around!
    Bermuda has over 400 years of history, every place that you stop to admire, take pictures…..there is a story to be told!
    Bermudians have a great love of tradition, respect and kindness about them that you will find no where else in this world! We as children, are taught to respect people, to say “good morning”, to give up your seat on the bus!
    Bermuda is truely ” Another World”

  14. maurice k says

    The third picture from the top with the many large boulders, which beach is that?

  15. Linda Trott says

    My home is Basically Beautiful…. It is Bermuda – many cultures, many dialects, many options – all on one rock – 21 miles long

  16. John Roche says

    I visited Bermuda several times back in the 1980s, it was actually the first place that I had ever been outside my home country of Canada. It is a truly unique and beautiful island, with the most incredible azure coloured water I have ever seen anywhere – I really need to get back there…

  17. Thanks for this great article! Is it a terrible idea to visit between December – March?

  18. I’ll tell you, I’m in 100% agreement with everyone.. Bermuda is feast for the eyes, not to mention the soul and Happy feeling it gives you, an amazingly Beautiful Place with Beautiful people!

  19. like to live in bermuda

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