Why Geiranger is the Best Fjord in Norway

I had long heard tales about Geiranger and Geirangerfjord. I had heard of its beauty and amazing landscapes. It was said that it was the best of the fjords. I haven’t seen all of the fjords in Norway but I’ve seen a lot of them and all of the supposed top fjords. With that said, I hereby proclaim that Geiranger is the best fjord in Norway!
Geirangerfjord, Geiranger, Norway, Travel, Seven Sisters, waterfall
Arriving into Geiranger is pretty awesome. You pretty much have to come by cruise ship or by smaller ferry and you pass some spectacular scenery along the way. The highlight is the seven sisters waterfall. The seven sisters are composed of seven waterfalls, five bigger ones and two smaller ones.
Geirangerfjord, Geiranger, Norway, Travel, The Groom, waterfall
Across from the seven sisters is the groom. They call it this because the rocks in the falls look like a whiskey bottle. There’s some tale about how he cannot get across the fjord to claim one of the sisters so he drinks himself to death! I guess Norwegian fjord explorers had a lot of time on their hands!
Geirangerfjord, Geiranger, Norway, Travel, Azamara Quest
From the falls, it’s a short ride into Geiranger. The view from the boat is nice but doesn’t do the landscape justice in the least. You must get off the boat and go a little higher for the iconic, picture perfect views. I decided to do the sky to fjord bike tour to really see all of the Geiranger area.
Geirangerfjord, Geiranger, Norway, Travel
The sky to fjord bike tour starts at about 3300 feet and it’s a 17km or 10.5-mile bike ride that is 98% downhill so anyone can do it really. The only real issue is the cold.
Geirangerfjord, Geiranger, Norway, Travel, sky to fjord bike tour, volvo
You start at a frozen lake-even in late July! From there it’s a short pedal up to the point where it’s all downhill. Then the wind starts so you must use gloves and have a windproof jacket or you’ll be pretty unhappy-especially if it rains!
Geirangerfjord, Geiranger, Norway, Travel, sky to fjord bike tour, bikes
The views along the 17km ride vary from snowy peaks to gorgeous green valleys and waterfalls. You pass little houses and farms along the way that are as picturesque as you’d expect.
Geirangerfjord, Geiranger, Norway, Travel
Then after a lot of windy roads, you arrive at the most perfect lookout onto the stunning Geirangerfjord you can imagine. It is truly breathtaking. It’s literally perfect! Geiranger is the best fjord in Norway.
Geirangerfjord, Geiranger, Norway, Travel, ice cream
From the lookout down to town is a bunch of really windy hairpin turns and then you’re in town. Town is a nice little place to putter around. It is composed of almost exclusively touristic shops and restaurants but I opted for a little Norwegian ice cream and yes it was as good as it looks!
Why Geiranger is the best fjord in Norway, Norway, Geiranger, fjord

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  1. Stunning photos. I’d love to visit the fjords.

  2. THis has been one of my favorite trips to follow you on. Your photography has gotten excellent. Good work.

  3. Not sure which fjord we were on for the boat part of our trip from Oslo to Bergen, via Flam railroad, and finish via bus to Bergen, while crossing Norway, but it was certainly the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had!! I couldn’t help but think of the words to the well known hymn, How Great Thou Art! OH, BUT SUCH BEAUTY!! Been to Norway twice. If I were rich, I would go to Norway often for a relaxing vacation!!!

    • That is a great fjord as well…I’m assuming the Norway in a Nutshell tour, I’ve done that twice and it was great!

  4. Great article, inspired me to go and see the Fjords soon. I love you pictures too!

    • Thanks Lisa, I appreciate that! A cruise is a good way to see a lot and with Norway being so expensive, you cut down on expenses as well.

  5. Hi Lee,
    I just discovered your website, it’s amazing what you’ve built here. Coincidentally, I was just in Geiranger 4 weeks ago on my honeymoon, we had very bad weather though. I would like to add that it is also very worth doing a road trip in the area, we drove to Geiranger via route 63 coming from Eidsdalen in the north. From the breathtaking view you described I assume you must have biked either from that plateau or from the valley directly beyond Geiranger?

    We’ll have pictures of our trip up soon – Geiranger was rainy but we had more luck later on the trip (also, with a bit of patience and good gear you can get good shots in bad weather, too!)…
    Keep it coming!

  6. Thanks for an interesting post! Any advice on fjords in Bergen? I am currently planning to travel to Norway next summer and mostly likely visit Bergen. I’m really into sceneries, so any advice on the nature in Bergen would be appreciated.

  7. greg blake says

    You gotta check out The Wave. A really great movie!

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