Hvar is my Favorite Croatian Island

Hvar is a great island in the Croatian Islands of the Dalmatian Coast. It is both aesthetically pleasing and very practical. You can easily visit the sights of Hvar in a day and still have time to discover much of the rest of the island if you choose. However, Hvar (the city as opposed to Hvar the island) is so charming it’ll be tough to tear yourself away. Hvar is my favorite Croatian Island I’ve been to thus far.


After arriving from Zadar, we tendered in from the Azamara Quest and the weather was very rough. The tide was all over the place and rain was looming. When the walking tour of the old town started I was thinking this is going to be a long day.

Hvar is my favorite Croatia Island, Hvar, Croatia, old town

But as we swerved in and out of the little alleyways and streets that make up the delightful old town a funny thing happened. The sun came out. And all was well in the world again.


The streets of old town are similar to many Adriatic Sea old towns but as charming as any. Sometimes when you’ve seen a lot of a similar thing you become jaded. I try my best to see each and every place as they are and not what they remind me of.

Hvar is my favorite Croatia Island, Hvar, Croatia, St, STephen's Church

We also checked out the main square and St. Stephen’s Church, which I found to be pretty awesome inside and out. I especially loved the ominous background for some photos before the weather turned.


All along the harbor are great views. You can walk out to the beautiful Franciscan Monastery and see its impressive collection and lovely gardens. You can also walk the opposite direction out to some private beach areas that would be littered in the summer.

Hvar is my favorite Croatia Island, Hvar, Croatia, view

Or you can just hang out in town and enjoy the harbor view from a café or perhaps a rooftop bar overlooking it all. Speaking of overlooking it all, do not miss the fortress above Hvar.


The views from the fortress are the top reason why Hvar is my favorite Croatian Island. It’s a steep hike from town or a quick taxi and a small entry fee gives you these amazing views. There’s a bar and restaurant at the top if you wish to indulge but be sure to walk around and see the different angles and nuances of the fort.

Hvar is my favorite Croatia Island, Hvar, Croatia, fort, view

Hvar, the island, is a pretty big island and if you rent a car you can see it all. I chose not to do that and just remained in Hvar town. I loved the sights, the food, the people and the relaxed, chill atmosphere. Who needs to rush around? That said, Hvar is my favorite Croatian Island and there’s still much more for me to see. I can’t wait to come back!


Disclaimer: I am a global ambassador for Azamara Club Cruises and receive financial compensation.  This post was written by me and all opinions given are mine and have not been influenced in any way.

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  1. Cheryl Fertig says

    Thanks so much Lee for sharing your pictures and taking us with you on your amazing trips:)

  2. What is the least expensive way to get from Rome to Dubrovnik ? Many thanks !

  3. Wow! Awesome trip you shared in your post. So stunning pics. Thanks for sharing it Lee!

  4. Great journey and experiences you shared. Such a great pictures you shared in your blog post. Thanks.

  5. I’m hoping to make it to Hvar this summer! My plans are still up in the air, but it looks so beautiful!! Great photos 🙂

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