Karlovy Lázn?

Nightlife in Europe is a lot different than it is anywhere else in the world especially in the United States. Clubs are just different, weird if you will and they are generally populated by people with an average age of about 14. Last night, a bunch of friends and I went to the world famous Karlovy Lázn?, which is a 5 floor megalopolis of a club with each floor being a different genre of music but each floor also being basically the same with flashing lights, lasers and crazy people. It was young Europeans from all over the continent going nuts. Most were on drugs and certainly all were distinctly European by looks, dress and the way they behave. In some ways I admire the really open attitudes of European teens but as much as I’ve been out in Europe and believe me that’s a lot, I still can’t get used to certain differences.

For instance I still can’t fathom the way guys dance in groups together. It’s just strange to me. It’s funny and interesting to see and they are clearly more touchy with each other than I am with my friends but they dance very provocatively with each other and it’s not like their gay either. It’s just an interesting dynamic. It’s especially true with the Germans, and most Central European countries.

Needless to say the clothes are so different too. I can’t tell you how many times we would say to each “What are these people wearing?” or “Did they get dressed in the dark?”. It’s just so interesting to see what they wear and again, I should be used to it but just can’t fathom the things they wear. There are no simple jeans and button downs or whatever, it’s almost always a flamboyant shirt of some sort, maybe with sleeves and maybe not and super tight pants with crazy hair. The girls almost always wear big sneakers with bright shoe laces and some type of crazy tee shirt that says something dumb like “My mother loves me” or something like that. It’s just beyond me.

So this club, Karlovy Lázn?, what a place! Five floors of debauchery and I was literally, at 30 years old, 15-16 years older than most people here. It was slightly awkward but entertaining nonetheless. I had been meaning to get to this place for several years now across 6 visits to Prague and finally made it. Lets just say I won’t be going back but let me say that if I was 15 years old I would have had the time of my life and may never have been the same person. They just don’t have places like Karlovy Lázn? in the US and if they did, there would be no way that young teens would be let in. Just a baffling thing to me but again, if everywhere was the same it’s be boring!

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  1. Stephanie says

    LOL I went there this past summer and I am laughing really hard bc I completely agree and felt the same way!

  2. I’ve also been to that club and it is wicked. I don’t understand some of the clothes either but that’s what makes Europe unique I guess.

  3. Haha I just went there last week. I did not know you had a blog on the club specifically, but that club was pretty awesome. I could not agree more about European guys dancing with each other. My parents are going to Prague next week and I told them to check it out. Not sure if they will though 🙂

  4. I would advise against them going!

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