My Latest ABC Las Vegas Travel TV Segment

Check out my latest ABC Las Vegas travel TV segment that I did live this morning on the Morning Blend on KTNV. I have done this show dozens of times and always when I’m here in Las Vegas. Today’s segment focused on my recent completion of all 60 US National Parks.

As always there was a little bit of everything and a light hearted segment with my buddy Shawn who happens to be a Red Sox fan! Always a good time and hope you enjoy it!

My Latest ABC Las Vegas Travel TV Segment, Lee Abbamonte

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  1. Glad you keep reiterating the fact that your mission in life is to not only inspire others to go out and see the world, but to actually throw yourself out there and make these opportunities happen. That is the key part about travel that the average person seems to forget – it’s attainable as long as you prioritize it just like anything else in life. But, I really think this latest adventure of visiting every single US National Park will definitely do a lot of good for would-be American travelers. I am not even American and I want to go see these parks!!

  2. Awesome Lee! You inspire me to travel! I’m 21 and want to travel the world as much as I can but haven’t been to as many other countries yet as I wish. Looking around your site for hours and hours makes me wish I had your experiences. Recently I saw your list of top cities though and the three big ones that I’ve been to are Barcelona, London, and Paris so that made me feel a little better! Also, growing up my amazing single mom took me and brother to about 35 states and almost half of the 60 national parks. Congrats for hitting them all and keep doing you! You’re amazing!

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