My Latest TV Segment

Here is my latest TV segment. I was on CGTN a division of CCTV or the Chinese News Network. I have done their shows several times and I really enjoy doing them because you get plenty of time to talk and they don’t interrupt you like they do on US Cable News!
My Latest TV Segment, CGTN, China, Lee Abbamonte
So in my latest TV segment we talk about the state of the travel industry, travel trends, the Trump travel ban, popular destinations and the current situation in Asia between China and South Korea. It’s a very interesting time in travel and it will be interesting to see where we go moving forward.

Finally, my latest TV segment segment was filmed at a satellite TV studio on the East Side of Manhattan. There are several studios like this in Manhattan but the Pacific TV Center is where I have filmed a number of Satellite Media Tours and have done a number of TV hits just like this one. You can always tell a satellite studio because the guest will have a photo or video of the city he’s in behind him. Just a little showbiz trade craft!
My Latest TV Segment, CGTN, China, Lee Abbamonte

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  1. You’re very comfortable on camera, great job Lee!

  2. That’s quite a tan and I love how you referenced it on air! Good info, I had to Google Thaad but you’re the expert So of course you’d know what it was.

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