Airline Collusion Debate on FOX Business

The US Government recently launched an investigation into whether US airlines are colluding to keep airfare prices high. I have done a few segments on this topic this week but here is an interesting airline collusion debate on FOX Business yesterday on Cavuto Coast to Coast.

I won’t go so far as to say there is airline collusion but I do believe that airlines are surely talking to each other as fares are not going down even though oil prices are down significantly this year. Keep in mind fares were hiked massively when oil prices were sky high. Where’s the relief for the passenger? I applaud the government’s investigation whether it proves successful or not. At least it keeps the airlines honest.
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I am a former Wall Street guy and am well aware they run a business and have a right to make money. However, airlines are held to a higher standard in many instances because they have a greater responsibility to the world based on the nature of their business. Plus, with all the mergers in recent years, consumers have few options when flying these days and there’s nothing they can do about it. That’s why I’m glad the government is keeping an eye out to prevent passengers from being ripped off further than they already are. For the record, I don’t normally support the government meddling in private affairs but as I said, the airlines are different.
Lee Abbamonte, FOX Business, airline collusion

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