My Al Jazeera America Appearance on Real Money

This was my first appearance on Al Jazeera America and hopefully first of many. I had a great time on Real Money with Ali Velshi and really enjoyed meeting and chatting with guest host, David Shuster. The topic was airlines, airline passenger rights and what to do and how to avoid travel disasters.
David Shuster, Lee Abbamonte, Real Money with Ali Velshi, Al Jazeera America
It was a great topic for me as I have certainly dealt with my share of travel disasters and generally keep a pretty good head on about those types of things. The funny thing is I seem to handle them much better when they happen in third world or remote destinations as opposed to in the United States where you expect more.

That said, they are unavoidable but being prepared for delays, cancellations and knowing how to skirt the confusing process and hassles of the airports can be really important in expediting your fix and reducing stress and hassles.

Thanks again to Al Jazeera America for having me and I look forward to coming back again very soon! This version is edited down by about a minute. I have the whole segment but it was recorded by my phone from my TV so I am going with this version.

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