Fox and Friends Segment on Travel Etiquette

Here is a Fox and Friends Segment on Travel Etiquette that I was able to be a part of this morning. It is a panel set up with my friend Courtney Scott from Expedia and Francesca Page from Miss Travel Guru and was a lot of fun. With the holidays here and many people traveling for the season, it’s important to remember travel etiquette an think of others as well. Have a watch to see our discussion moderated by Clayton Morris from Fox News.

Travel etiquette, like golf etiquette is so important especially given smaller seats these days and potentially very long trips-nobody wants to incite air rage or anything like it. We chat about etiquette with regards to planes, trains and automobiles just like the old movie with Steve Martin and John Candy!
Lee Abbamonte, Fox and Friends, Fox News, Travel Etiquette

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  1. Great job Lee!

  2. Must’ve been brutal in between those 2 smoking hot chicks!

  3. Where is that girl from?

  4. You were good man, the girls were whatever-but they looked amazing.

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