FOX Business Segment on Airline Seats

Here is my latest FOX Business segment from The Willis Report on the changes to airlines’ seats. Southwest Airlines announced they are widening seats by a minute amount and are claiming a great victory over the other carriers in coach. To me, it’s a joke but at the same time as a tall guy I appreciate any extra leg room that I can get if I’m sitting in coach.

We also touch on the new planes that Airbus is rolling out where they have 11 seats across in coach. This is a disastrous idea that will lead to increased air rage amongst passengers especially on long haul flights. This is an absolutely awful idea. The airlines need to realize this and stop making true traveling process even more miserable than it already is. I hope this plan doesn’t go through. So enjoy my latest FOX Business segment
Lee Abbamonte, The Willis Report, FOX Business
Lee Abbamonte, FOX Business

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  1. Great job as always and even more handsome than usual!

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