Dogsledding in Alberta, Canada

Dogsledding in Alberta is one of the quintessential experiences that you really have to do in Western Canada. Much like playing pond hockey at Lake Louise, it’s one of those fun Canadian winter outdoor experiences that just has to happen! Before dogsledding in Alberta, I had only been once before and that was during a daytrip to Greenland-although dogsledding in Alberta is much different and much better than doing it in Greenland!
Dogsledding in Alberta
I went with a company called Kingmik Dogsledding just before I played pond hockey in Lake Louise. They are a top outfit and have some of the best dogs and drivers in all of North America. Many of the dogs actually do or have raced at the Iditarod in Alaska; the world’s most famous dogsled race.
Dogsledding in Alberta, dogs, ALberta
I went with my friend Sherry Ott, a travel blogger and amazing photographer, who I shared a keynote stage with at the Travel Bloggers Exchange in Cancun last year. I was expecting similar to what I experienced with my two buddies in Greenland and I have to say, in Greenland it was a little tough to watch because the dogs weren’t treated very well. However, in Alberta, the dogs were treated like gold and the experience was top notch.
Dogsledding, Alberta, Lee Abbamonte, Sherry Ott
The nine-mile track that we took, called the Great Divide Tour, actually took us across the Continental Divide and into British Columbia. That was a really cool thing and where the dogs took a rest before we turned around to go back to Alberta.
Dogsledding in Alberta, Great Divide Tour, Alberta, Canada
Along the way, the driver teaches you things and answers questions about the dogs, how they’re picked, bred, fed and dogsledding in general. It’s a fascinating thing to experience and learn about how they work in teams and how some become the leaders.
Dogsledding in Alberta, angry dog
One thing that they don’t tell you in the brochures is that the dogs go to the bathroom a lot while they’re running. Much like the Seinfeld episode when Kramer was feeding the horse beans and then it started smelling…the dogs aren’t much different except they’re eating chicken! The smell isn’t horrific or anything but it does sneak up on you although it’s pretty funny how the dogs actually go to the bathroom and run at 10mph at the same time! After you get back to the start, you can actually feed the dogs; which is crazy how an appetite they have and take some cool photos.
Dogsledding in Alberta, chicken, feeding
Dogsledding in Alberta is something I highly recommend. It’s certainly an experience, it’s very relaxing and the views along the way are pretty priceless mushing through a winter wonderland!
Dogsledding in Alberta

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  1. I was actually thinking about doing it in Greenland as I am planing for my visit in few years. After reading it, I guess I will just do hiking in Greenland and dogsledding will be in Alberta. Thanks for posting about the company you use for the said dogsledding

  2. This is really cool! I’ve only gone dogsledding once in the dark. It’s really cool to see how different places treat their dogs differently. Plus, being able to see the landscape around you is a bonus. The photo that you have going down the dog’s jaws is creepy and fascinating all at once! 🙂

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