Downtown Cabo San Lucas

Downtown Cabo San Lucas is pretty much what you’d expect from a central area in a Mexican resort town. The only real difference between Cabo and some of the other Mexican tourist towns I’ve been to is that Cabo has a nice harbor in the downtown area that contributes a little something to the appeal. It has all the other little shops that sell the same Corona and tequila T-shirts along with a token Hard Rock Cafe and a bunch of bars and restaurants.

The most well known bar and restaurant is Cabo Wabo, the bar started by former Van Halen lead singer, Sammy Hagar. It is actually pretty cool and seems to be the place that most people go in Cabo. It is an indoor outdoor kind of place with a big stage and good live music. The food is so so but I guess most people don’t go there to eat. Some other bars and restaurants are Squid Roe, the Giggling Marlin and the aforementioned Hard Rock Cafe along with several little places along the way.

The scene in Cabo is very Southern California with a laid back attitude and it seems like almost everyone who I met here is from LA or somewhere in SoCal. I have to admit, Cabo is pretty fun and way better than Cancun or any of the other Mexican resort towns I’ve been to. Today is my last day here and I plan on doing nothing but relaxing on the beach before heading back to the cold tomorrow.

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  1. You can’t even compare Cabo to Cancun, it’s anot even close, Cancun is a trashy hellhole and Cabo is a lot of fun.

  2. At the Hard Rock in Cabo it costs $4 for a Corona and $7 for a Pepsi-figure that out

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