First Day of Spring in New York

As I exited the West 4th Street subway in Greenwich Village after work yesterday, I felt something for the first time this year. I felt like Spring had actually arrived and that the long and miserable New York Winter was finally over. Yesterday was the epitome of what makes Spring in New York great. As I left the subway, the West 4th Street basketball courts were packed with players and onlookers. As I walked down McDougall Street toward my apartment, the outdoor cafes were bustling and people were happy. It had been a while since I’d seen happy people in New York. Finally, we had a 70 degree day and the promise of a great Spring was upon us.

I have lived in New York for 8 years now and each year when this day comes it’s like a right of passage; everyone needs to be outside and doing something they haven’t done in months. I took the opportunity to lace up my rollerblades and head down the West Side Highway to Battery Park in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty along the Hudson River. It was such a nice feeling to be outside and doing physical activity again after months of being in hibernation indoors. The track on the West Side Highway was packed and people were skating, biking, running and doing the usual weird things that New Yorkers do and what makes this city unique and diverse.

After I just walked around the streets and just felt the energy coming back into the city and the people. This was the first day that all the cafes had their outdoor seating and every single seat was taken. Paris is the only other city I can think of where this day is equal in status. People love to be outdoors and after a long winter and ahead of a scorching summer, it’s the best time of the year. Having said all that, hopefully the weather doesn’t get crappy again as it tends to do in April.

Finally, I ended up the night having an nice outdoor garden dinner at a great little French bistro called Gascogne in Chelsea. It is the most authentic French restaurant I know of in the city for regular-not too she-she food. The ambience is awesome, the food is stellar, the wine is good, the service is great and you actually feel like you’re in Paris in the springtime.

For me, since I am no longer going to Phoenix for the weekend, I am looking forward to hopefully good weather (although I hear it’s gonna be bad this weekend), hanging out with friends and as always eating my way through New York.

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  1. hahaha rollerblades

  2. Jake, you’re 29 years old and skateboard with 9 year old boys in San Francisco-and have little chats with them.

  3. Jake- to lee’s credit the spandex he wears while roller blading shirtless in chelsea seems to get a lot of attention

  4. Morroni, don’t mistake me for your Love Mongrel from the Nags Head

  5. I’m sad i’m reading this one so late…so many rollerblade comments…
    But Lee is right! Last Thrusday was amazing, and once spring hits, the energy in NYC is amazing. Obviously i had to have a margarita!

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