New York State of Mind

I was having a conversation the other day about how people are ruder and nicer in certain parts of the States. I was asked where I thought the rudest people were in America. Without even thinking about it I replied, New York. I have lived in New York City for seven years now so I think I have a pretty good leg to stand on with that claim and I think that 90% of people in America would agree with me. However, that is a part of the charm of the Big Apple.

As my conversation continued, someone then countered me by saying that New Yorkers were really friendly because if you ever asked for directions, New Yorkers would jump at the opportunity to give directions. That is a true statement. However, the real reason that New Yorkers love to give directions is to prove to people asking that they are not tourists, they know what they are talking about and to feed their own egos about giving the most direct and succinct directions possible while using street names, landmarks, restaurants and block/avenue counts-which is New Yorker for name dropping.

Directions are kind of a right of passage in the big city. People disagree on directions routinely. If a cab goes a way different than you would’ve gone, then people go nuts about it and curse out the taxi driver. I have been guilty of that as well because we are so worried about being taken for a ride (as a touirst would be) and being charged more than we should be, in addition to the extra time it would take. It is weird, it’s almost as if this city just makes you put up this huge guard against scams which sometimes makes it hard to know when people are being genuine or not. New Yorkers first reaction to things is usually negative-again strange for a place that’s so motivated and hard working and positive with a can do attitude.

It’s kind of funny like that here. People interact in strange ways here. People won’t help a random little old lady cross the street if she asks because they probably think it’s some type of scam but if they know the old lady New Yorkers will do anything for her. A lot of times, people here will give you the shirts off their back to help you in certain times but if you try to pull ahead of them in your car or if you stop suddenly walking in the middle of the sidewalk, they will curse you out and threaten your life. It’s a beautiful paradox we live in here.

There is totally a difference to being here than in anywhere else in the US. There are so many people in such a small area all forced to interact with each other. That can certainly cause tension and if you’re not used to it then perhaps it can cause hypertension. This city is full of the most famous and powerful people in the country and most people do very well for themselves so you’d wonder what everyone is so mad about all the time. I still haven’t figured that one out, I guess it’s just a part of the New York state of mind.

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  1. Funny story and so true!

  2. Similar in London, except I agree that New York is very rude, even moreso than London. Although, the birds in NY do love the English accent!

  3. I hate New York City and I don’t like the rude people either. They treat tourists like the trash on the street.

  4. You ever see ghostbusters 2? That’s what will happen with all the negativity. Everyone should smile 🙂

    And yes, i’m an american bird who loves the accent! (but not the teeth)

  5. try miami! Miami is by far ruder than New York. The people are ignorant slow and dont know how to drive and almost never get an order right in a fast food restaurant.

  6. NICK NICK SHOW says

    I am in sales, and once I get a New Stinker on the phone, I know I am dealing with someone who is cheap, rude, and totally self centered, and aggressively mean if you make a mistake. I called a wrong number once for a guy in New York asking for someone, the person couldn’t just tell me I called the wrong number. They had to tell me what the business was about, how long it was established to prove the person never had the phone number, stating they have never heard of such a person in all the years of service to the company, and finishing it up by repeating once again what the business is, and how long it has been established.

    The thing I really dislike about New Stinkers is that I have to listen to them. I feel like running for the hills when they UNLEASH their unique awkward voices. They don’t pay attention either when you explain things to them the first or second time around.

    I would deal with 10 rude Londoners who have sweet sounding voices compared to one New Stinker.

    I some time think that world leaders have to see these people and deal with them to come to the conclusion that America is a bad place.

    I find some joy that they are cramped together in that city like a containment field.

  7. Try being an Upstate New Yorker who has had to live in the shadow of NYC. Anytime I travel out of state (a good distance outside the Northeast) and tell people I’m from NY, they always tell me how rude “my urban people are”. There is more to New York than just New York City. Sometimes I wish they named the city something else other than the name of the state. Most of us Upstaters resent most people from the city because they are so rude and for no good reason. Another is they treat Upstate like we don’t exist. Try telling someone in Midtown Manhattan that you’re from Albany, New York and see if they consider you a fellow New Yorker. I say, screw them! Most city people are far from being real New Yorkers anyway. If they were born there, their parents probably were fresh off the boat immigrants. Most Upstate New Yorkers have family ties to the state for generations. And they try to say we’re not real New Yorkers. I saw F*C* them!


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