San Diego

I spent this past weekend in San Diego. San Diego is located on the Southwestern tip of California, just north of the border with Mexico. This was my 6th visit to SD and each time I leave I think to myself, “why don’t I live here”. San Diego has it all and the atmosphere and attitudes of the people makes you feel like you’re missing out on something living on the east coast of the United States.

I spent the weekend between both Baja (Mexico, which I will write about soon) and San Diego. A friend of mine lives in La Jolla which is an amazing place. It’s kind of the equivalent to Malibu in Los Angeles with ridiculous real estate prices but stunning vistas and a lot of fun. In my opinion, La Jolla is the ultimate place to live in America. You can do anything there. The people are so nice and they just try to enjoy life. There is a huge noticeable difference between attitudes in SD and those of people in New York for instance. Life there is more about enjoying their life and being healthy and doing outdoor activities as opposed to living here in New York to make money. People in SD get the most out of their lives. My friends that live there are all east coasters who just needed a change of pace and certainly found it. They all say they will never come back east.

The only negative I can come up with is that living in SD is a lot slower paced than what I am used to but I guess there is nothing wrong with that. You know it’s funny because when I travel, I aim to see places where you can just relax and enjoy life and then you see a place like San Diego and think to yourself, why not just live like that on a daily basis. Your lifespan will increase as your stress goes down. I am a huge fan of the west coast, I love LA and Orange County but I came to the conclusion this weekend that if I was to ever move to the west coast, it would certainly be to San Diego, America’s finest city.

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  1. You get used to the slower/more relaxed atmosphere really fast out west. It’s contageous. So much so that it’s hard to adjust when coming back to NYC. Love San Diego and LA!
    So, when are we moving back out? ­čÖé

  2. Just promise me that you will never utter the phrase “no worries”!

  3. No worries Buxton

  4. No Worries

  5. I hate you both.
    I suppose i was begging for that.

  6. you’ve always been sharp as a tack Buxton

  7. I’ve lived in PB in San Diego for three years after graduating college. I love it and will never move back to the cold. I love what you are doing, if you’re out in SD again, we should grab a drink.

  8. I have lived in L.A. since 2001 and have made countless trips to San Diego, and it’s probably the best city in the USA to live, however, in case you don’t know, SD has hardly ANY direct international flights, except to Mexico. Also, the cost of an overseas flight from SD as opposed to LA is at least $300 more expensive and involves a couple transfers. So if you are a frequent international traveler – it makes things much more expensive. That is the only thing that has held me back from moving there. You never hear anyone say anything back about SD, but very few people realize that point. Traveling out of the states from SD is a costly adventure. Go to a travel website and check a few random fares from there – you’ll see what I mean.

  9. Ya that’s true I suppose but same as living anywhere in FL besides Miami, you’ll have a 2-3 hour commute to get to the major airport like you would in SD for LA depending on traffic of course. Ill be in SD and LA in Sept or Oct and I can’t wait!

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