Soccer in Mexico

Soccer or Futbol in Mexico is a religion. Much like the rest of Latin America and in fact the world it is always the main topic of conversation and a true source of contention and passion. I have been fortunate to have been to manhy different soccer stadiums around the world and have seen many different matches. I recently went to a match at Tecnologico, which is the stadium for the Monterrey Soccer Club. It didn’t disappoint and we saw the home team win 3-0 as we sat in the front row and had a great view of the game. But the game in Latin America takes a back seat to the fans, their songs and certainly their celebrations when their team scores a goal.

Monterrey is one of the top teams in the Mexican League and I had actually tried to get tickets to their game versus Chivas de Guadalajara a few weeks ago and was shut out. This game I saw was against Necaxa and was a much weaker team so it was easier to get tickets and as I said we had front row. This was great because we had a front row seat to see the true fans, the nuts, going insane after each of the three goals the home team scored.

They have all these songs and jump around the entire game. They also light these flares, which I have no idea how they get them in the stadium because they actually do frisk you when you walk in but it’s Mexico so who knows. Regardless, it’s really fun and a must if you spend any time in Mexico or anywhere in latin America, or Europe for the matter, to check out a game from one of the bigger clubs. It’s worth the money-even if you don’t like soccer.

By the way, as you can see in the picture, they have this barb wire moat surrounding the field to keep the fans off of the field as they have a reputation of getting out of hand-they do this in many European stadiums as well.

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  1. I have been to a game at Tec as well. I saw Club America. It was awesome. Thx for the pics bc it brings back some memories. I saw a day game and the atmosphere mustve been amazing at night!

  2. So many Mexicans play football and they have never won anything on a world stage such as the world cup. I think they are too small.

  3. I have also been to many matches around the world and the Mexican fans are pretty crazy especially at the Azteca Stadium. I haven’t been to Monterrey but I hear good things about Tec.

  4. Waldo Brazeau says

    I must say i would have really liked to observe the German team playing in the Final Match. Let’s hope they will triumph against Uruguay today

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