Vegas Baby!

Today is once again that day where I will be heading out to Las Vegas for the weekend. This time it’s for my friend Adam’s bachelor party and it should be a fun weekend, especially with the NCAA Tourney going on this weekend as well. I am sure there will be no sleep but hopefully some sun will make up for it as the weather in New York has been awful. I haven’t been to Vegas in a year or so which is a record for me I think so I am looking forward to it. First stop should be In ‘N Out Burger on the way to the Hotel at the Mandalay Bay.

It’s kind of funny, if you’ve been to Vegas a few times before, you pretty much know what to expect and it’s different than most trips that you take. There is a different kind of anticipation than say a weekend in the Caribbean or Miami or someplace relaxing. It’s more of a preparing for battle kind of preparation wherein you know you won’t sleep much, there will be a lot of partying, gambling, sports watching, hopefully the pool and a lot of eating. It is basically like one long day and when you come home you are much worse off than when you left.

I love Vegas as much as the next guy but it’s almost a task to actually go for two days. Any more than that is downright cruel: to your mind, your body and certainly your sanity. With sensory overload around every corner and staring you in the face as soon as you walk into the cavernous casinos, it is hard not to be overwhelmed.
I know of at least three different bachelor parties that will be in Vegas this weekend and I am sure there are thousands more as well. There will be no going to shows this weekend, no tours of the Hoover Dam, nothing cultural whatsoever-this is of course Vegas where culture only pretends to exist anyway.

So with that I hope I don’t lose my shirt and come home with more than I started with, nobody gets hurt and I sleep for at least a little bit.

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  1. I spent a week in Vegas for work last month and I almost died. I still haven’t recovered and no work was accomplished.

  2. No tours of the Hoover Dam? that sucks.

  3. If you’ve seen the Hoover Dam once-you’ve seen it

  4. I had one of the best/worst birthdays in Vegas one year. Best because I was told I had an amazing time. Worst because I pretty much wanted to die the next day. (But I totally rallied for next night though!!)

  5. See you there buddy…

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