The best thing about flying on Air Pacific down to Australia is that Jake and I got a free stopover in Fiji for 8 great days. We arrived in Nadi one super hot night feeling a little sick and immediately we felt better when we got off the plane, smelled the warm South Pacific air and learned the meaning of the word “Bula”. We headed straight over to the Sheraton resort for four days of relaxation, golf and sailing. I have to say the Sheraton was great and the people were very cool and everyone was a lot of fun. As you can see the vivid sunsets were pretty amazing. After chilling in the lap of luxury for a few days and several months of hostel life we shot off to the backpacker capital of the South Pacific, Beachcomber Island.
Beachcomber is a small island that you can literally walk around in about 7 minutes. It has a few huts that people can stay in for a little extra cash but most people choose to stay in the 100+ bed room that houses backpackers from all over the world. What a place. If one person snores you’re in for a long night but you soon get over that and just drink extra Fiji Bitters.

Jake and I also kayaked to some of the neighboring islands and sandbars staking our ownership claim to the sandbars until of course they were washed away with the tides. The snorkeling and diving in Fiji was awesome. We had a great trip to the reefs north of Beachcomber seeing some really bright coral and killer tropical fish. In short, Fiji was a great place and can be really affordable depending of course on where you stay. It is a definitely a world class resort with a lot to do.

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