What am I Doing?

Piranha Fishing on the Amazon River, Brazil

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  1. Piranha Fishing

  2. Good job, it is piranha fishing on the Amazon River

  3. Actually you are taking a picture of some guy having the guts to hold the piranha you caught fishing.

  4. Haha…I’m not much of a fisherman

  5. Wait, that isnt your hand?

  6. You are sticking a toothpick in a fish

  7. Haha, it’s not my hand…it’s a maneating fish, they can take a toothpick!

  8. I would have bit that fish’s head off and showed him who’s boss. I will actually being doing that in 4 months and Im going to need some pointers.

  9. Keep your fingers out of their mouths along with other appendages out of the water-when in doubt sacrifice Lulu!!!haha

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