Where am I?

Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain

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  1. Milan

  2. It does look like the church in Milan but its not it

  3. This is the Cathedral in Palma de Mallorca

  4. Correct, It is in Palma de Mallorca

  5. Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory

  6. that was intelligent Jakey

  7. Roald Dahl is awful, and so is Willy Wonka…that was a stupid comment

  8. Your camera takes amazing pictures, what type do you have? I am looking for one but I dont know what type to get. I have been using throw aways for years now and I know I should upgrade.

  9. thanks patricia for your lovely feedback on my comment, maybe you can expand your thoughts and tell me your true feelings…. XOXO

  10. Thanks Philip, I have a Canon Powershot SD 110 digital, I like it a lot

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