Where Am I?

Salvador de Bahia, Brazil during Carnival

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  1. Holland

  2. The windmills threw you off, not Holland

  3. Capetown, South Africa?

  4. Not Capetown, not even in Africa

  5. Buenos Aires, Argentina

  6. Not BA but it is in South America

  7. Salvador is awesome, I didn’t know you went to the Carnival there and in Rio too — did you do those at different times or on the same trip? I heard of one guy going to like 4 different cities for Carnival over Feb in Brazil. That’s living it up.

    How many times have you made it to Brazil, so far?

  8. It was the same trip that I did both Carnivals and I didn’t love Salvador’s version but did love Rio’s. In fact I didn’t really like Salvador much at all, maybe it would be different when it’s not Carnival-plus I didn’t like my company. I have been several times to Brazil to all the different regions.

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