Where am I?

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

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  1. No idea…Qatar?

  2. I agree, it looks like somewhere in Middle East, I don’t think Dubai, maybe Abu Dhabi?

  3. This is a tough one…hint is there’s not much known about this isolationist country and it’s not in the Middle east but in the same general area so to speak. Also, the capital city is gorgeous and all white marble.

  4. YES!!! Where am I? is back. been a while my friend. I was going to guess India, but because of your hint I know that is wrong. So lets see, small isolationist country, not in the middle east but same area….I’ll guess Serbia.

  5. I’m glad that you’re glad and as usual you are wrong! It is not Serbia nor is it in Europe.

    Speaking of Serbia, what a joke that Jelena Jankovic is back at #1 when she has never even won a major tournament and only appeared in one grand slam final.

  6. Turkmenistan

  7. You are correct Srta. Velasquez

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