Where are the twins?

Tough one, it’s Praia de Sancho, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

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  1. Costa Rica

  2. not Costa Rica

  3. Dominican

  4. Chile! Ha, I know this one!!! (i think)

  5. You know nothing

  6. You guys are both wrong, not Chile or DR

  7. Haha, I was just writing that they were both wrong. You knew they were both wrong but you didn’t put up a guess

  8. Bermuda

  9. No, good guess though, it does have some similarities

  10. Damnit!

  11. Settle down Buxton

  12. Aruba

  13. Not Aruba

  14. I don’t think they are part of the 12 Apostles in Australia…but that is my guess anyway!

  15. canary islands

  16. Its not Oz or the Canary Islands, answer to come when I get back Monday.

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