Where Are These Rock Islands?

I am back home in New York and here is today’s picture of the day. Where are these awesome rock islands? Please comment your guess. I will post the correct answer later today. Good luck! The correct answer is Palau. Good job Ryan and Beth and all those who emailed me. Beth thanks for the great restaurant recommendation in Denver-the short rib was unreal. The Rock Islands of Palau are one of the most gorgeous places in the world to just cruise around and home to the famous jellyfish lake.

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  1. Vietnam

  2. looks like the Philippines

  3. Bora Bora

  4. Jennifer says

    Definitely somewhere in the Pacific and/or Micronesia I’d guess

  5. Aruba or Curacao?

  6. I’m guessing Palau.

  7. i want to go where that is… and ill guess palau as well.

  8. Thomas Hilal says

    Langkawi in Malaysia?

  9. Christine says

    I think the Philppines as well

  10. Hi lee, It’s beautiful like the Andaman Islands of the nearby Thai Islands, maybe off Phuket

  11. By the way, the restaurant in Denver was Cholon. It was excellent albeit very small portions but the short rib and Australian sea bass were excellent. It was funny because we were four guys that ate there and ordered 5 appetizers and 4 mains and we were all still really hungry after we left!

    Also, Jennifer, Micronesia was a great guess, as it’s so close by and another really awesome spot in the world.

  12. Palau looks amazing, I would like to know it someday.

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